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WWE Party Supplies

Rashida Khilawala Feb 18, 2020
Professional wrestling has really caught up with young kids, and they are so enthralled by the wrestling icons that they make sure not to miss out on the action taking place in the ring. Wrestling matches or the wrestlers are nothing but complete amusement for the little kids, which is why your kid may be demanding a WWE theme birthday party. So, GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!
So, the little guy wants a hardcore party, WWE style? Well, that is definitely a great idea. You can get really creative and imaginative with this party. In fact, WWE parties are one of the most popular teenage birthday party ideas. But, we are not here to discuss the theme in general. We are here to discuss all the party supplies that you will be in requirement of, to pull this party off! So, as John Cena would say, "If you want some, then come get some!!"
Ok! I know I said that we are not here to discuss the party themes, but let's face it, it is required! WWE party themes are mostly for boys; however, my niece recently attended a WWE Party thrown by a girl. Remember, women love violence too!
Jokes apart, these themes ordinarily would attract the very volatile and violent side of the (otherwise cutely mischievous) munchkins! So make sure that the breakables are safely out of reach and there are enough floats in the pool.
A few adults will be required to chaperone the party, just so that the fights don't go out of hand. Make sure you have party supplies, like plates, spoons, etc., (which we will be discussing further) ready!

Decoration Ideas

It's not difficult for any imaginative parent to decorate this party. You can have life-size posters of the Rock, Hulk Hogan, etc. The kids can click pictures with these posters.
You can distribute wrestler masks to the children. The cake can be shaped like a wrestling ring. The room can be made to look like a wrestling ring as well. The supplies like the plates and spoons also should be dedicated to WWE. So, pictures of wrestlers and famous quotes would be the way to go.

Invitations for the Party

You can prepare party invitation cards with a quote like, "I am gonna have a great party, so if you want some, come and get some!"
A black background would aptly offer a shady appeal to the card. So, depending on the guest, you can design a card that would intrigue them. You could even get your kid dressed up like a wrestler and click his photograph. Then, you can use the reverse side to write the text of the invitation. This way, the invitation would really make an impact on the guest.

Party Favors

Party favors are an essential part of party supplies, that is, if you really want the guests to remember the party. So, you can send the kids back with pictures of their favorite WWE superstars. Or you could have t-shirts made for each guest. On the t-shirt, you could have a picture of their favorite WWE star. Another popular favor idea is a WWE goodie bag. This is a bag that has WWE games, costumes, cards and photographs. Trust me, the kids will love their goodies!!

Other Ideas to Add to the Theme

Apart from the birthday cake, posters, plates and spoons, etc., being decorated, deck up the party place with plenty of red, black and silver to add to the feel.
Party games can accommodate WWE themes; for instance, children can have a game of musical chairs, with theme songs of their favorite wrestlers like Rock, Kane, Triple H, etc. Talking of music, when games are not being played, you can arrange for music themes of all wrestlers being played at the background or you can have heavy metal music while guests get in.
To add to the entertainment and have a 'smack down' of a great party, rent a bouncy house for the children, who would gladly go ahead and enjoy reproducing their favorite wrestler's moves and saying their tag lines out loudly.
If your budget permits you, then you could even arrange for a wrestling group to enact some of the moves of the WWE wrestlers. Don't keep it too elaborate because you obviously don't want kids to imitate any of the actions in their excitement and cause harm to themselves/others.
In general, a permutation and combination of the above WWE party supplies would really help you at creating a memorable WWE party experience for your kid and his friends. This is where I sign off! Have a great party, and "rest in peace" (as The Undertaker would say!!)