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Ways to Ensure Your Large Party Is a Success

Mia Morales Dec 02, 2019
Whether you’re hosting a party to celebrate a momentous occasion for a loved one or organizing a special event for your company or association, the details can seem overwhelming unless you break the planning down into manageable tasks.
By establishing your to-do list and giving yourself plenty of time to finesse the details, you’ll be able to sidestep many last-minute emergencies and be sure that you and your guests have a memorable time.

Stick to the Budget

Once you’ve prioritized what you’ll need for the event and tried to estimate the budget for your party, stick to the plan rather than splurging on last-minute details. Although you may want to add activities, foods or decorations as you go, you’ll have a more enjoyable time if you’re not stressed about how much extra money you’ve spent.
Adhere to the designated amount by prioritizing elements such as the location, catering and music. Knowing what’s important may help you avoid the temptation to tack on fun, yet unnecessary items that will affect the bottom line.

Secure a Venue

Choosing an appropriate venue for the huge party will go a long way toward creating the ideal atmosphere for the event and making your guests feel welcomed and comfortable. Choose a space that suits the theme of your soiree. For instance, rent a Chicago Office Space for a chic, industrial feel or an antique store or park for a rustic vibe.
Consider booking the location at least four to six months ahead of the date – securing a spot last minute will mean you have less time to create invitations, rent the correct number of tables and purchase enough decorations, for instance.

Cut the Guest List Short

Although the event is large, you can still keep it personal and welcoming, keeping your guest list to a minimum. When you’re choosing who to invite to the party, only include those very important to you. If you’re hosting an anniversary gathering, for example, send invites to family members, close friends, work associates and neighbors of the couple.
On the invitation, make it clear that invitees are not allowed to bring others along, despite the fact that the list is substantial. If you need to cut it down, consider removing the “plus ones” and young children who may not enjoy the occasion anyway.

Consider Catering

Allow yourself to enjoy the party by hiring a caterer instead of trying to prepare snacks and drinks yourself. A professional will not only be able to devise a menu that suits the motif of the occasion, but may also have a staff available that will ensure the food tables are full and even serve beverages, giving you more time to mingle with the attendees.
When choosing a service, consider one that will present you with menu tastings ahead of time, prepare an itemized budget so you won’t be surprised when the bill comes due and that will accept your suggestions to ensure the food fits the theme.

Decorate in Advance

Request to enter the party venue a few days in advance to ensure it is set up well ahead of the party. Ask the rental services that are providing tables, chairs and decorations, for instance, to deliver and set up early.
If you’re hosting a get-together at a restaurant or in someone’s home where it’s not feasible to arrive until the day of the occasion, be sure to ask for dimensions and take photos that you can send to the vendors so they’ll be aware of what they have to work with.
Be sure your event creates only happy memories for the guest of honor, the attendees and you. Although organizing such a grand party will undoubtedly induce some stress, staying on top of each step of the planning will make it look as if you arranged the occasion with ease.