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Unique Birthday Gift Ideas

Buzzle Staff Feb 19, 2020
A birthday is a special occasion to celebrate, an occasion to gift your loved ones with something unique and show them how much they mean to you. While tried-and-tested gift ideas may be easy to choose and gift, you'll need some unique birthday gift ideas to make your loved ones feel very special and cared for.
You may be at a loss of ideas when it comes to gifting someone something on their birthday, especially when they already seem to have most of the things that money can buy. In such a case, some unique gift ideas can come to your rescue.
These gifts need not be too expensive or flashy, but they have to be thoughtful and yes, creative! They can be wacky, useful or a complete surprise, and if you take into account the personal tastes of the person, there's really nothing like it.
Here, we have presented a list of unique birthday gifts for people according to their likes or peculiar personality traits.

For Adventure Lovers

A gift voucher for ski weekend at the nearest ski resort or a membership at local paragliding club is a good idea.
You can also present them with vouchers for bungee-jumping, sky-diving or similar adventure sports. However, the best gift would be accompanying them on a jungle trail or a mountain hiking trip or any other activity of their choice. Your loved ones will cherish your company while indulging in their favorite activity.

For Geeks

These are the people who are often first to own a high-end gadget even before common people are made aware of it.
So, probably your geeky friend will already have most of the gadgets and gizmos in their and your budget. A cool gift idea for such people would be a DIY kit for making some solar-powered gadget or a manual on various high-end devices.

For Fitness Freaks

A gym membership wouldn't be a great idea as these people may already have enrolled themselves for some or other fitness program.
You can gift them a month's supply of nutritional supplements or a coupon for a diet meet at local club. You can also make them a handmade diet-chart or a fitness journal, where they can maintain records of their diet and workout. A collection of DVDs on yoga, Pilates is also a good idea.

For Movie Buffs

A gift basket consisting of their favorite movie DVDs would be a cool idea.
Make sure you also pack some popcorn and other munchies in your gift basket. You can even buy them tickets for some movie running in theaters, or even better - accompany them. If you can manage, get passes for movie premier of their favorite star.

For Music Aficionados

If they play some instrument that is in your budget, you can certainly gift it to them.
Besides, you can shower them with CDs of their favorite songs or artist. If they are into attending concerts, you can gift them passes for a music concert or opera. They will very much appreciate your thoughtfulness.

For Art Lovers

You'll find several unique gifts for art lovers on the Internet.
Personalized platters, hand-painted pillow cases, T-shirts can serve as cool gifts for such people. You can even take them to an art seminar or exhibition. Gifting them a membership at a hobby class is also a good idea.

For Gourmets

A pass to a local 'wine and dine' festival or a gourmet basket is a great idea.
Stock your gift basket with fine wine, cheese, handmade chocolates and other delicacies. You can even gift them a cookbook, if they love to cook as much as they love to eat. Personalized casseroles, coffee mugs, wine glasses are also good gifts for such people.

Interesting Birthday Gifts

~ A staple-less stapler which tears the paper and uses it to self-staple is a cool birthday gift.
~ You can also think about a door organizer which houses important stuff like house keys, car keys etc.
~ For people who are cleanliness freaks, you can gift an automatic cleaning kit or a small robot that performs basic cleaning tasks such as vacuuming and mopping.
~ People who spend most of their time on computers, may find a personalized mouse-pad very attractive.
With this list of ideas which cater to a very large target group, there should be no problem deciding upon the perfect gift for that special person, right?