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Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

Girija Shinde Mar 7, 2020
Are you in search of some unique bachelorette party ideas? If yes, you have come to the right place, as Parties has some fun ideas to share. These party ideas are sure to make the 'party star' remember the party all throughout her life!

Did You Know?

While bachelor parties have their roots in the 5th century B.C., bachelorette parties came into existence only after the sexual revolution of the 1960s. Until then, the brides were limited only to bridal showers.
Getting married not only means a change in address and name, it also means a change in lifestyle, and a rather big one! Getting married means no gossiping hours every day with your best friend because you have way too many responsibilities to take care of. It also means no flings and frequent night-out parties with your girlfriends.
And that is why we have bachelorette parties, a party where the bride-to-be can enjoy to her heart's content without worrying about anything. That is why this party needs to be a one-of-its-kind get-together. Usually, such an event is hosted by the maid of honor or a bridesmaid.
However, anyone close to the bride can choose to throw the party too. Here are a few unique bachelorette party ideas to help you out in the planning.

Limo Fun

Whether it is to go to a club, a pool party, or bar hopping, every time you get into the Limo means a lot of fun.
Each time you get in, you get a round of drinks accompanied by a loud peppy song. And guess what? No worries about your safety, when you and your gal pals get sloshed. That followed by a sit-down quiet dinner, card games, and other such activities is another good idea.

Beach Party

Bikinis, barbecue, and a surfing lesson for the bride-to-be with a cute surf coach―sounds fun, right? So, just pick up your bags and head o the nearest beach destination. There can be nothing more refreshing for the nervous bride than a few chilled piña coladas and relaxing spa therapies.

Cowgirl Goes Hee-haw

Does your bestie love the outdoors and horses? Then how about going to a ranch for some hee-haw time?
And if not the ranch, you can easily get Western party supplies at any party store, or even online. Get the bride a personalized hat with your group pictures all over. A few honky-tonky dance lessons followed with some upbeat Western songs are sure to make your party a big success.

Hawaiian Fun

You could even have a Hawaiian party theme, which can be hosted on the beach.
But it is not necessary to do so. You can host the party in your garden, or a large hall too. And if you are lucky enough to own or rent a pool, there cannot be a better option. Make sure you are all dressed up in coconut bras, straw/grass skirts, with a flower behind your ears to get the Hawaiian damsel effect. A leis necklace is absolutely necessary.
To set an aloha mood, have beach music played and dance around the bonfire. For decorations, use pineapples, big lanterns, tropical flowers, and colorful string lights.


Missing all the Vegas fun? Worry not! You can host a casino party right in the comforts of your home.
Decorate the place with fake money, cards, and chips. Turn the lights down, and go with bright string lights instead. Make the girls dress up in sparkly attires. And how can a casino party be complete without some poker fun? Gamble your ways into the night, my ladies!

Slumber Party

Who said a slumber party was just for the kids? An adult version of the old-fashioned slumber party can prove to be an immense success.
Keep your house stocked with a lot of snacks and finger food. You can watch movies that you had been to, as a group; or watch fun movies like Bachelorette, Bride Wars, and Magic Mike. You can also play games like Truth or Dare, Drink to the Groom, and Never Have I Ever.

Mardi Gras Theme

If a Mardi Gras theme party is on your mind, make sure everything is flashy, purple, green, gold, and glittery.
Provide beautiful Mardi Gras masks to all the ladies. For even more fun, make the masks on your own. You can also get throw beads, hats, and tiaras. Make sure that the bride-to-be has her own unique golden, jeweled tiara.
For decorations, you may use colorful Mardi Gras coins, centerpieces, wreaths, and streamers. The food menu could include king cakes, crab dips, Cajun rice, etc.

Revisit the Nineties

Who isn't obsessed with the nineties? Going down the memory lane with your gal pals is a great idea. For this theme, think neon colors, high-waist jeans, and smileys. You can also choose to recreate the '90s by dancing to the tunes of the then-famous bands like 'N Sync, Spice Girls, or Aqua.

Moulin Rouge

What better than a Moulin Rouge theme for a fun-filled bachelorette party! Keep some saucy music ready. You could maybe even take a pole-dancing class with the bride-to-be.

Yacht Party

Simply hire a yacht, grab a few drinks, and set out for an all new adventure with your girlfriends.
You can either choose to decorate and make the food and drink arrangements yourself, or ask the organizers to take care of it. Some yachts also come with a dance floor. What more can you possibly ask for?
Make sure you do not forget that the invites have to be saucy as well. They can have some funny wedding quotes, or be cut out as sexy corsets or lingerie. So, go ahead and get planning.