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Elegant Twig Centerpieces

Sujata Iyer
Twig centerpieces are a great hit, not only at winter occasions, but even otherwise. They give your table a country feel and make it look elegant in a very 'natural' manner. Here are some ideas and handy tips about making these twigs.
Twig centerpieces are the latest rage in the world of table decorations. Whether it's a combination of floral and branched centerpieces or simply curly willow branch centerpieces, using dried or wet twigs is one of the most cost-effective and innovative ways to decorate your table for an occasion or simply for everyday use.

Twig Centerpiece Ideas

Mini Tree

Render a close-to-nature look to your table by replicating a tree onto it.
You'll need following material for it.
  • glass bowl or vase
  • sponge (available at florists)
  • clippers
  • an assortment of twigs, shaped like branches
Now, wet the sponge until it is completely soaked and can hold the twigs in it when pierced. Then, strategically arrange the twigs by piercing the sponge in such a way that the final product is a miniature tree. Let the branches face outwards and be spaced out a little. You can fill the glass container with pebbles to ensure that the sponge does not move.
Keep wetting the sponge if you feel that it has lost its moisture. Spray paint the tree in silver and hang strands of pearls or crystals from the branches to give it that dash of elegance. Just make sure it's not too tall, else you'll have to bend sideways to have a decent conversation!

Cups of Lights

This centerpiece requires -
  • twigs of the same length and strength
  • thin wire
  • plain glass or ceramic handless cups
  • tea lites
  • glue
  • clippers
First, make sure that all the twigs are of the same length. If you have a big branch, you can simply clip it to make twigs. Now, take the glasses and one by one, stick the twigs on to them, very close to each other. Once they are stuck, use the wire to secure them onto the glass. This way even if the glue gives way, the wire will hold the twigs together.
Now, light the tea lites and place them within the cups and watch as the light glows from within the little cups. You can also fill the cups with water, add a drop or two of ink in it, and keep floating candles in it.

Twig Mesh

If you have the time, the patience and the inclination to make a truly fancy centerpiece, then twig mesh centerpiece is exactly what you are looking for.
For this centerpiece, you will need -
• soft twigs that can be bent
• soft wire that can be turned
• clippers
• fresh, fragrant flowers
For this idea, you need to use the wire and twigs simultaneously. Attach the twigs to the wire by glue. Placing the long piece of wire on the table, use and fasten the smaller pieces (with the attached twigs) onto the longer wire to make it look like a comb. Then, take the other pieces of wire and twigs and weave them over and under the initial small pieces.
When they're all interlinked and form a grid, take a piece of wood or metal and place it in the center. Fold the mesh, fastening the ends at the top, leaving a hole to insert the flowers. Once your centerpiece is ready, place some pretty flowers with a lovely fragrance in the centerpiece. You can use multiple types of flowers or stick to a single one.

Nest of Treats

You'll need -
  • nest shaped mesh
  • long bendable twigs
  • beads, pearls, ribbons
  • net fabric
  • multicolored candy
Use the wire mesh as a base and bend the twigs that you have, to cover the wire mesh completely. Use wires and ribbons to fasten the ends of the twigs. Once your nest is ready, begin embellishing it with the beads, pearls, ribbons or any other decorative items that you wish to use. Then, make a small piece of the net fabric to fit in the nest.
Now, take all the candy and empty it into the net fabric. Place this centerpiece on the table and watch as the kids gobble up the treats! This one is perfect for Halloween, or birthday parties with a forest theme!
This is another great idea that you can incorporate in your quest for the perfect twig centerpiece.
Making twig centerpieces is something that may require some to get used to, before the perfect final product is before you. So, if you're planning to make them for special occasions, make sure you practice enough. Good luck!