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Toga Party Decorations

Medha Godbole
Toga party is a very different and unusual option if you are pondering over throwing a party. If you have run out of ideas on how to go about the decorations, this story might help you.
A toga party is a costume party where you wear a toga―a garment worn in ancient Rome. The contemporary costumes are made from bed sheets. Creating an atmosphere of ancient Rome would be perfect for such a party. Following are a few ideas on how to do the same.


  • One of the defining characteristics of Roman or Greek culture is vine garlands and grapevine. So while decorating the interiors, do not forget to include ivy wine garlands and mock grape vines.
  • Add candles all over the venue. Add small candles, keep a glass bowl or may be wine glasses of different sizes filled with water over a mirror. Floating candles work great for a toga party. Embellish the room with oil burning lamps as well.
  • Draping gossamer across the ceiling, walls, and table edges will add more authenticity to the Roman touch. Use white and gold gossamer for the best effects.
  • If you can grab someone's help, make some gold-colored Roman eagles. You can also decorate the walls with posters of Roman warriors and gladiators.
  • The decorations won't be complete without classical terra cotta urns and statue busts.
  • To add a more distinct touch to your party, have plastic or cardboard columns and place them at strategic spots. Hanging floral pieces, like ivy and ferns accompanied with clear Christmas lights on the backdrop of a column will be absolutely lovely.
  • Even with all these vintage, ethnic, and authentic features, balloons would never look out of the place. So make sure you have lots of white, gold, and purple balloons.
  • Decorate the furniture, especially the tables where you are going to serve and eat as well, with fabric paints. Draping the furniture in red and silk fabric if the color scheme allows, could be one of the fantastic homemade party decorations.
  • Do not use glass or ceramic cutlery. Ensure that you have plastic cutlery instead. For giving it a feel of Greek party, draw Grecian block pattern on the cutlery handles.

Toga Party Favors

Favors are nice way to show your gratitude to people. One of the most appealing favors for this party will be personalized stem flutes.
You can also let the guests take the special drink glass home after the party. Have a portrait booth and ask them to pose and give them their picture in toga costume. In addition to that as a souvenir, give each guest a hand made golden eagle. Tambourines, gold laurel wreath, and gold maracas are amongst a few other things that you can give.
Toga party is an awesome way to have a blast. All in all, the decorations should bring out the Greek or Roman effect. Ideas can be as innovative as you want them to be.