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Toga Fancy Dress Ideas

Divya Bichu Mar 4, 2020
Togas make great fancy dress ideas and is the best way to relive those ancient glorious Roman days. Find in this article about the various fancy dress ideas.
A toga costume is simple yet absolutely glamorous and stylish. Well, let's get to know a little about this distinctive garment of ancient Rome. Initially, the toga was draped around the naked body, then gradually the tunic layer was introduced which was then the base layer to be worn under the toga. The toga was made from variety of fabrics like cotton and soft linen for warmer climates and wool, hemp and other warmer fabrics for the colder climates.
Today, after so many years, the toga has become a popular party theme at school, universities and colleges. There is also no easier fancy dress code than this one, as there are numerous characters to ape from the toga era. The very glimpse of a Grecian goddess or a Roman emperor walking the ramp is simply amazing and is sure to fulfill the fancy dress code.
And what makes the toga attire look all the more beautiful is the accessories associated with it. The gold wreath headband and the golden chords used with the robe look stunning!
Moreover, if you team the dress with authentic roman sandals called caliga, that are tied around the ankle with thin strips of leather and a bright-colored cape, it just adds to the wow factor of the toga costume. The toga costumes for women get better with the kind of ornaments and crowns that go with it.

Toga Fancy Dress Costumes

✶ Roman Soldiers: You can dress up like a Roman soldier for a toga fancy dress party. Now, of course the toga attire remains the same but, what is going to enhance it more are the accessories, like the helmet, belt, boots, arm guards and the sword! This toga attire for a fancy dress party would be apt for macho guys. You are sure to create that wow factor when you enter the fancy dress party.
✶ Grecian Lady: Being a Grecian lady is all about style, elegance and sophistication. You can team up innumerable accessories with this attire. You can also modify the toga to make it a little shorter than usual to add up to that sexy edge to the dress. High-heeled shoes and precious stone ornaments would make you look all the more beautiful.
✶ Pharaohs: Basically, Pharaoh is a title given to the ancient Egyptian rulers. Get into the toga robe, don those awesome boots and rule the fancy dress party just like the Pharaohs ruled Egypt. Now, you can select amongst the many Pharaohs like Cleopatra, Khufu, Snefru, Caesar and dress up likewise.
✶ Goddess of Love: Put on the toga costume like the goddess of love, 'Aphrodite'. This get up is sure to make heads turn at the fancy dress party. Drape the toga in a way you can expose a little skin or rather the back, it would be a good idea to keep a halter back and do not forget to wrap the gold chord around the waist.
✶ Roman Emperor: The Roman Emperor costume is one of the best fancy dress ideas. Put on the cotton tunic, the red or a deep blue cape and the gold leaf headband and walk into the fancy dress party like an emperor. You can also modify the toga dress a little to feel comfortable in it.
✶ Spartan Queen: You are sure to bring back those glorious Roman days, when you don the Spartan queen get up. The shimmering pleated toga, with a golden cape and matching golden cuffs would look simply stunning. You can also team it up with a gold headpiece and a beautiful neck piece. This attire is sure to steal the show.
Toga fancy dress happens to be a great theme; you can either drape the toga yourself and make your own look, or shop for the exact costume. You have umpteen number of shops or websites that can provide you with an exact toga outfit that you desire!