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Tips to Host the Perfect Cinderella Birthday Party

Sheetal Mandora
Plan and organize a birthday party fit for royalty. Here are 7 tips to host the perfect Cinderella birthday party that will leave the little princesses talking about it for weeks to come.

DIY Cinderella Bunting

  1. Search for a Cinderella cut-out template, and print at least 10―15 on regular paper or pasteboard.
  2. Cut around the edges, paint the cut-outs in blue and silver colors.
  3. Tie each piece on a piece of string, and hang the bunting before all the little princesses arrive.
In order to create a big first impression, it is essential that you incorporate as many elements as you can for the party. As the theme has already been chosen, what you need to concentrate on is how efficiently you can transform these ideas and turn them into reality.
Of course, there are many party supply stores and online sites you can visit for your all your shopping requirements. But you need to be careful not to go overboard with the purchases as the items will be of no use once the party is over.
Which is why, we decided to compile some tips and suggestions to help you plan your child's party in style. Go through each of the points carefully, make necessary notes for planning the party, and begin organizing everything.

Cinderella-themed Birthday Party Tips

All the tips mentioned here can easily be tailored to a particular Disney princess if you wish. Also, if you don't want to rely too heavily on the Disney-branded merchandise and theme, you can easily create a Cinderella-themed party with our suggestions.

Sending the Invitations

First and foremost, the invitations have to be sent out to everyone. Sit with your daughter and make a guest list. Once you have a headcount, you will know how many invitation cards to order or make.
If the budget doesn't permit you to order it, go to websites such as Zazzle and Etsy for "inspiration". You will surely find a huge collection of Cinderella birthday invitation samples to choose from.

Setting the Dress Code

If you want, you can have a dress code for the party as well. Have all the girls dress up in a formal gown with tiara, or wear their favorite princess' costume. Doing this can liven up the party where everyone, including the birthday girl, feels special.

Serving Refreshments

Greet all the little princesses with refreshments as they enter the party. From iced lemonades to iced fruit cocktails and iced fruit teas, it's a wonderful way to have the girls mingle amongst themselves. Serve the drinks in cups and saucers to make it more traditional.

Decorating the Venue

Set everything up in the garden (or the local park) with a variety of decorations like the birthday banner, balloons, and other party supplies. As the theme requires you to use as much blue color as possible, you can choose to sway either way―mix and match the décor if you feel like it.

Choosing the Cake

As for the birthday cake, again, blue is definitely the core necessity here.
There are many bakeries that make personalized cakes depending on what the customers are looking for. Or, if you or a family member/friend/neighbor knows how to bake, it'll definitely save you a lot of trouble of ordering the cake.
So the first thing you need to do is finalize the size, design, cake filling, and icing of the cake. When it comes to the icing and filling of the cake, there are literally a hundred different combination you can try. Hence, involve your daughter as you are finalizing what type of cake you'll have at the party.

Organizing the Party Menu

The menu for the party can vary depending on what you think the kids will like to eat.
Again, we suggest you consult with your daughter as you figure out what you'll be serving as appetizers, main course, beverages, and desserts.
If the kids don't like what's been served to them, all your hard work will go to waste.

Making the Party Favors

Finally, the party favors. The best thing to do is prepare a goody bag where you can include assorted items for the girls.
You can include cupcakes, cake pops, tiaras, hair clips, fairy wands, key chains, etc., in the goody bags. It'll be the perfect end to an incredibly-awesome party.
Make sure to take as many photographs as you can during the party. These will be some of the most wonderful memories your child will have while growing up. Send copies to her friends as well, and share the joy all around.
And finally, make a personalized album with all the photographs and perhaps some souvenirs (party supplies such as bunting and banner, napkins, invitation card, and streamers). For every year she celebrates her birthday, you will have safeguarded all her childhood memories.