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Throw a Drool-Worthy Backyard Bash

Turn your backyard get-together into the envy of the summer in just a few easy steps.
Mikkie Mills Jan 21, 2020
Long summer nights beg to be lived in; there's just something about the sun setting past 9 o'clock and the slight drop in temperature that invites people to go outside and soak in every last ounce of the days that oftentimes seem fleeting.

Go Traditional

One of the best ways to breath life into your party is by providing traditional lawn games. Games like bocce ball, cricket, lawn darts and bean bags provides guests something to do once the opening social pleasantries have been exchanged.
For many people, these nostalgic games may also bring back a sense of childhood, which can spark further conversation and enhance the wonder of a summer party. Finally, since many people already know how to play these games, it may be easy for guests to jump in and intermingle with one another. 

Cool Off

Owning a pool is a perfect excuse for throwing a backyard party. Who doesn't love cooling off in a refreshing, clear pool on a hot summer day?
Before you call your local pool supplier and ask, "How much does an inground pool cost?", remember that even a small pool can offer enough appeal to draw friends together, especially if those invited includes children. If a pool is out of the question, get creative with other water options like a sprinkler, misting station, squirt guns or water balloons.

Sit & Relax a Bit

When planning a social gathering, be sure you have plenty of seating for your guests. It can be a bit awkward if guests find themselves without a place to sit and socialize. Needing seating doesn't mean you have to rush out and buy a ton of expensive patio furniture for one afternoon.
Instead, consider more economical, creative seating options like straw bales, wood stumps, blankets and decorative pillows which can add to the uniqueness of your party.

Pump Up the Jams

Spend some time before the event starts putting together a music playlist. Once called the universal language by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, music can bring a life to any party. Choose songs that have a good beat and that have low risk of being alienating to the majority of the population.
 Music should be a complement to a party, not a show-stealer. Keep it simple, in good taste and in the background. Think about where the music is playing from so that it's not situated too closely to a specific seating area or activity, but still in a place where it can be heard.
 If successful, hearing songs from your playlist will conjure memories of the event long after the party is over.

Eat, Drink & Be Outdoorsy

As with any party, you will want to think carefully about food and beverages. When planning your menu, select foods that are easy to eat and easy to prep. Foods that can be prepared in advance allow you - the host of hostess - the opportunity to spend your time socializing and enjoying your guests, not slaving over a stove or grill.
Similarly, foods that are easy to eat and don't require a lot of cutting or create too much of a mess make it easier for party-goers to use your unique seating, meander around while eating and maybe even play games.
 Likewise, ruminate on your drink options as well. Plan for all demographics and examine the forecast. Be sure to have plenty of drinks on hand, especially if the day is supposed to be hot. 
Ultimately, the best parties are well-planned yet give the illusion of being effortless. Taking the time to thoroughly plan your party in advance allows you to actually bask in the fruits of your labor and the praise of your guests; however, don't get so caught up in the planning that you forget to enjoy yourself.
At the heart of every memorable party are the people who attend and the memories that are created. As the host, you just provide the avenue...and all the perfect details.