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Things to Have at a Party

Pragya T
Are you wondering about the things to have at a party so that your party is certified as fun? Read on to get ideas about the same.
To make your party a big success, there are certain things you need to take into consideration.
Firstly, think of the people you are inviting; would they like a theme party or a normal party with music, food, and fun games? When matching something to the party theme, make sure that the stuff not only matches the party but is also liked by the guests, for example don't use purple color appetizers, or over decorate.
To be on the safer side, stick to normal stuff that people enjoy like coke and fries, rather than trying some colorful experimental punch drink.

Party for Kids

Planning a party for your kids? Here are some tips for fun things to have for a party for kids.
● Decorate the place with lots of colorful balloons. Hang some balloons and leave some on the floor. To add more to the decorations, you can hang rainbow-colored crepe paper around and keep some colorful party hats for the kids.
● Pre-plan the stuff to do at the party, like party games; some of the best choices for kids are scavenger hunts, musical chairs, and pin the tail on the donkey.
● Make a playlist of some good songs that kids would enjoy, and play it during the party.
● If you wish to add to the entertainment, then you can consider hiring some professionals like clowns or magicians. Or learn some fun card tricks and perform them at the party.
● Food for the party like fries, pizza, cookies, or hotdogs are great. For drinks, you can opt for juices or shakes. To make the food more attractive, you can have different icing patterns on the cookies. Don't forget to have the cake of your kid's choice, when you throw his birthday party!

Party for Teens

Here are some things you can have at a party for teens so that the party is awesome.
● Teens love to dance, so make sure you have space for a dance floor when having a teen party. In case, you can't hire a DJ, just a good playlist with popular songs on a stereo will do.
● Themes like costume party, mall and movie parties for girls, slumber parties, or parties at the bowling alley can be fun. So, you can go for one such theme.
● According to the theme party, make sure you plan out some fun party games.
● For party food, go for stuff like chicken wings, pizza, hotdogs, fruit chunks, fries, dips, popcorn, etc.
● For drinks, you can have soft punch or orange and other flavored sodas.

Party for Adults

Here are some cool ideas that will help you plan a party for adults.
● Set the date, and send party invitations to all the people you want to invite to the party.
● You can personalize the party with a theme, like barbecue, dinner party, dance party, or some costume theme like toga party.
● Make sure you keep the menu simple but enjoyable, to avoid any disasters. There are sample menus for which you can browse the internet, for specific party themes. For example, for a dance party go for fresh cut veggies with blue cheese dressing, tortilla chips or crackers with dips, and mini frittatas.
For a barbecue party, go for grilled meat like chicken marinated with a barbecue sauce, and keep some grilled veggies, green bean casserole, macaroni and cheese, and for dips go for feta and pepper dip.
● For drinks, again choose according to the theme of the party, like beers for barbecue and make sure you have plenty of ice.
● For entertainment, play great music and pre-plan some fun party games.
These were the things you can have at a party according to three age groups. So use the mentioned party ideas and throw a fun party for your guests to remember!