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16 Things to Do to Make Your Mom Happy on Her Birthday

Sheetal Mandora
For one of the most precious days in your lives, your mom's birthday, we want to help you plan a magical day for her. Here you will find 16 amazing, yet unforgettable activities that'll make her jump with joy.

After the day of fun, frolic, and fervor, ...

get your mom a gift certificate for a spa, pedicure, or hair salon to unwind and relax.
Just as you plan to do something "special" for your mom's birthday, this year will obviously not be any different. But shouldn't there be a healthy change in the way you celebrate the day? Majority of us settle on planning a party, inviting friends and family over, and have a nice dinner at home/restaurant.
Don't get us wrong; there are a lot of things that can be done differently here. However, we are talking about going beyond the usual birthday celebrations and gifts.
Our moms don't require unique or personalized gifts to make her feel we love her; they already know all that. We want you to take the celebrations for the day a few notches above, and come up with a plan that will make her feel happy and content on her birthday. And if you're game, we've got some wonderful ideas for you.

16 Things That Will Make Her Birthday

Breakfast in bed does sound like a wonderful idea, but this year, you can go beyond all that and come up with creative ways to make the day is special for your mom. So, to help you make plans for the day, here is a short, but resourceful list of activities.

Spend the day with mum―do anything and everything that relaxes her.

■ Make and enjoy a lovely meal for two.
■ Sit in the backyard for some refreshing lemonade.
■ Spend some time on the hammock (or in the porch) talking/relaxing.

Check the Netfilx lineup and plan the evening accordingly.

■ Make a bowl of salted, caramel, or cheese popcorn.
■ Grab some soda pops.
■ Watch her favorite movies/shows on Netflix.

Have a quiet, but enjoyable lunch date with mom.

■ Prepare lunch together; make all her favorite dishes.
■ If the weather permits, have lunch in the backyard.
■ Don't forget to end the meal with a lovely dessert.

Leave all the inhibitions at the door and go do something craaaaazy.

■ Pack your bags and visit a city she's never been to.
■ Wear colorful wigs and roam around town while you window shop.
■ Bungee jumping anyone?
■ Host an Alice in Wonderland tea party in her backyard.

Learn a skill from her, no matter how girly it is.

■ Get all cake ingredients and call her to the kitchen.
■ Help/make/learn how to bake a cake from her.
■ Enjoy the fruits of your labor together.

How about getting a complete makeover? Shopping is always a treat.

■ Visit a store she normally wouldn't shop from.
■ Encourage her to try a new look with makeup.
■ Shoes! More shoes.

Go through all the old photographs and reminisce the old times. But wait, there's more.

■ Look through all the family vacation photos, and select the best ones.
■ Scan them all.
■ Start a new photo blog that she can add to.

A karaoke session with all the ladies―invite family members, friends, colleagues, neighbors.

■ Invite everyone over for an at-home karaoke party.
■ But first, fill their stomachs so they have enough stamina to sing.
■ Sing, dance, and let loose.

Introduce her to new social networking, blogging, and/or photo sharing sites.

■ Pick a site that she's been wanting to know more about.
■ Get her started on something fun and interesting for herself.

A cliché, but invite the family over for a surprise lunch/or dinner.

■ Send the invitations at least 2 - 3 weeks in advance.
■ Enjoy a lovely meal together.
■ Take a long drive with the whole family and have gelato!

Help her make a bucket list, and do some of the things from it on the big day.

■ Sit and write down all the things she's been wanting to do for a while now.
■ Turn it to reality for her!

Sign your mom and yourself up for some volunteer work.

■ There are a lot of things to volunteer for in your community.
■ Sign up for a few of them for the day, and spend the day enjoying the time with each other.

Have a cocktail party with the ladies.

■ Get dressed up and head to your local bar/pub.
■ Have a lovely dinner.
■ Hire a limousine that'll drive you all around town.

Capture the candid moments.

■ Hire a professional photographer (or ask a friend to help you out).
■ Take candid photos of the entire family.

Have a blast on the beach for the entire day.

■ First activity on the agenda―surfing; even if no one knows how.
■ As everyone will work up an appetite after that, a beach-picnic lunch is in order.
■ Take a stroll on the beach.
■ Watch the sunset.
■ Start a bonfire and make S'mores.

Basically, do anything and everything that she likes on her birthday.

■ Learn a skill from her.
■ Make tea and chat all afternoon.
■ Be more like her.
No matter what you plan on doing for her birthday, make sure to take as many pictures as possible as a memento. Include as many activities as you like/want from the list given here. There's no rule that says you can't have it all.