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Things to Do on Your 21st Birthday

Veethi Telang
Come on, I know you've already done them all! However, there are a lot of exciting things to do on your 21st birthday... this time, and now, in front of the world. Let them know you're an adult. Groove, dance, and party!
Fun Activities on the 21st Birthday
Finally 21, and legally able to do everything I've been doing since 15. - Anonymous

Fun Activities on the 21st Birthday

It's My 21st! Give Me Alcohol!
For alcohol-sucker babies who are hardcore party-freaks, and live on and for booze, what better than using the new identity you got on this day to paint the town red?
Go, check out the club that opened long time ago, but due to age issues, you were sitting at home that day. Today, bars and clubs have amazing birthday discounts and deals which may cost you less, but do not compromise with fun. So, booze till you drop, and dance the night away!
What Happens in Vegas?
Visit the casino they showed in the movie '21'. To have a bash, The Las Vegas Casino of Planet Hollywood is the place to be on your 21st birthday. Enjoy concerts, shows, and gambling at its best.
While turning 21 is the last step to becoming a proper adult, nothing excites you more than going into casinos, clubs, and bars with heaps of cash that you get along with birthday presents. Plan a trip to Vegas with good friends and roll around. Hey... don't forget to take your camera along!
Just Twenty-one!
Obsess over the number '21'! Something like 21 things to do on your 21st birthday? This is an ideal way of remembering this milestone. So, throw a party keeping an ideal party theme which is similar to the one in the movie '21'. Sing 21 different karaoke songs in the party, and click a funny photo with 21 people each.
However, even if you aren't partying on the big day, step out and make 21 strangers happy. Nothing's better than spreading happiness on your birthday!
It's an Adrenaline Rush!
Go crazy! Go beyond parties and hang-outs. There is an endless number of creative things to do, provided you're game for it. How about going parasailing with friends? So what if it's scary?
Turning 21 is something special, isn't it? Experience total adrenaline rush by going for outdoor activities such as surfing, great white shark diving, and NASCAR driving. Now that's how you celebrate your 21st birthday!
KISS: Keep it Simple, Stupid!
Not everyone is an adrenaline junkie or a party freak. There is a wide range of birthday ideas that may not always have to do with a party or outing.
If you really don't want to make a big fuss of your 21st birthday, why not have simple party with your family and close friends? This is bound to be a beautiful evening on your 21st birthday.

That's Not All

While the 21st birthday is just another year for some people, it is no less than a celebration for some. Where ideas may vary with the kind of person you are, there is a lot more you could do than just party and booze on the American soil. Go out and make at least one person smile. You could also visit a special school and play around with kids. Have all the fun, make someone's day along with yours, but make sure you stay safe and sound. After all, you want to have the same blast on your 22nd birthday too!