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Things to Do at a Slumber Party

Uttara Manohar Mar 9, 2020
If you are planning a slumber party and want it to be an entertaining and fun party, here are some cool things to do at a slumber party...
Slumber parties have the word fun splattered all over them. There's nothing like a weekend with close friends, who know how to have a good time at home just like you. Arrange a weekend spent at home by calling your girlfriends over for a slumber party packed with exciting things to do for two whole days. Let's take a look at what your options are for things to do at a slumber party.

Top Slumber Party Ideas

Slumber parties are best spent with the same sex, since we all know how un-fun guys can be when they're around chicks. Have time alone with the girls, by doing things all of you mutually love doing for fun.

Slumber Party Idea: Beauty Treatments

Put on makeup and play dress up using wacky outfit combinations; scour your parents' wardrobe for interesting accessories and clothes. Take a ton of pictures and post them on your favorite social networks to show others what a great time you're having, even if it's outrageously ridiculous. 
Once you're done strutting around in high heels, garish makeup and badly matched clothes, return them to their rightful places! watch a good movie and order food; don't forget to wash off that face mask!

Slumber Party Idea: Junk Food Binge with Movies

The weekend revolves around letting your hair loose (and your belts), where ordering a pizza is not an uncommon habit among those who prefer to laze around at home or indulge in friends/family. Whether its fried chicken, barbecue wings, Chinese food or a large box of gooey doughnuts, there's no limit that one can put on a binge-watching weekend. 
Why not get involved in the cooking process and invade the kitchen with your expertise by first learning how to bake through an adult, before trying it out on your own?
A fresh batch of cookies, a steaming hot tray of brownies, or a sinful chocolate cake that's enough to put all of you out in one go, is what the kitchen can offer you if you're up to the experimenting.
Look up recipes online to see what excites your taste buds and resort to cooking this with the help of your girlfriends before settling in for a good old-fashioned chick flick.

Shopoholic on the Loose

Who doesn't love to shop? Take the girls out the following day to shop, on a perfect Sunday morning. From shoes, clothes and pretty accessories, raid your city and find yourselves some fun stuff to buy. Later you can all retreat to your place or a friend's and model each outfit, complete with whatever else you managed to find worth buying. 
Have fun while trying out the clothes in the stores, and pop out of the changing room every now and then to twirl around for your friends, in case you aren't very good at picking out a great outfit.
They'd love to help, plus it would be money well spent. Shopping can always follow a stop at the movie theater or a fun eatery that you've been craving all week to check out.

Get Your Game Face On

Girls today are just as hooked to technology as guys are, so plug in that PSP or Wii console and get gaming. Everyone needs a gaming console to keep themselves active, so get everyone in on the adrenaline-pumping fun by taking turns to play.
If you can get a hold of multiple controllers for all players that can be simultaneously plugged in, then by all means get everyone to join in. You can also sit down to a great game of cards (standard deck of cards / UNO), where you could also play a harmless game of poker with ordinary things up for grabs.
Put your own spin on the game by having dares written down on chits that the losing player has to enact; prank calls by far are the best.
A slumber party is an unforgettable time in a young girl's life, so enjoy it while you can and cherish the memories to look back on when you're older.