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Things Not to Do on Your Prom Night

Mrunal Belvalkar Mar 6, 2020
Prom night is surely the most special night of any high school student's life - and the excitement can make you mess things up! Find out here, about things not to do on your prom night...
It's the one event every high school boy/girl looks forward to, from the very first day of school - prom night. You spend the entire year looking for things that will make your prom night perfect and really special, and as it approaches, you wonder if you will have that perfect kiss that will make your foot pop! But in the sheer excitement and anticipation of the night, you may mess up things for yourself and your date. Here are a few tips about how to make your prom night absolutely perfect.

Things Girls Should Not do on Prom Night

The Dress

The prom dress is the single most important thing of the night. Choosing the right prom dress is an issue that should be dealt with utmost care and concern.
While looking attractive is important, make sure to not look like a wanna-be! Wearing a particular prom dress pattern just because it is in vogue is never the right thing to do as it can unnecessarily make you look bad.
Know your body type, and select a dress that will highlight your pluses, and tone down your minuses. Also be careful to pick the right kind and color of lingerie to go with the dress - especially in case of a light colored and/or tight-fitting dress.

The Make-up

While applying make-up for the big night, remember three words - simplicity is beauty.
The kind of make-up you apply should accentuate the natural beauty that you are bestowed with, without making your features look too loud or in-the-face. Use those shades that will suit your skin tone and blend in with it. Do not use shades that will be a clear mismatch with the color of your prom dress and other accessories.
At the same time, do not use shades that are too light and will make you look pale. Balance the use of different colors on your face. Also be sure to use a nice perfume that will keep you feeling refreshed through the night.

The Footwear

It is prom night - so there is surely going to be some dancing. Do not select a pair of sandals or heels that will make you uncomfortable and queasy while dancing. If you are not used to wearing heels, buy a pair that has small heels.
If you are used to wearing heels but do not know how to dance in them, practice a few weeks ahead of prom night. Do not wear stilettos just because 'you wear stilettos to prom'. The color and style of the footwear should complement that of your prom dress and not clash with it. Always remember one thing - BE YOURSELF.
Your date asked you out based on what he saw of you on a regular, daily basis - not after he saw you dressed for prom. Have faith in yourself and be confident. Do not try to dramatically alter your clothing sense; there is nothing that puts a guy off than a girl trying too hard to impress. Keep it simple, elegant, and beautiful.

Things Guys Should Not do on Prom Night

The Prom Night

Every girl always dreams of a perfect and special prom night. Make sure you give her just that. Do not let on-the-spur decisions shape your prom night!
Plan and execute. Find out your date's favorite color, flower, whether she likes the idea of a corsage or not. She said 'yes' to you, so you are definitely special. Make sure you make her feel special too by planning a wonderful fun-filled evening.
You don't want to be just holding your drink and standing at the bar, wondering what to do next. Be meticulous and plan the evening of her dreams... of course, keeping your budget in mind. (You do NOT want to get in trouble with your Dad...!)

The Dance

Dancing gives you the opportunity to be in close proximity of your date.
But that does not mean you get too close for your date's comfort. Try to read her face and body language. If you putting your hand around her waist makes her go stiff, it may be because she is not liking it. On the other hand it may even be because she is simply nervous with anticipation.
Do not be shy. Ask her - 'Am I getting too close?', 'Do you feel uneasy?'. Chances are, she may say 'yes' - but do not be discouraged by that. This may be her first time dancing with a guy - make sure you don't put her off. Be sensitive.

The Kiss

So everything has gone the way you wanted it to go - you had a great time, a great dance, and a great picture clicked with your date, and now it's time to see her off.
And you are faced by the one question that makes every guy nervous - should I kiss her or not? If you have been observant enough, this won't be a hard one to answer. But even as you do approach your date, be sure you both want this and are comfortable about it - and also be sure her parents are not around!

Play it Safe - A Common Word of Advice

Remember how your Dad always said - march to the beat of your own drum? It applies in every walk of life - including the prom night. Your friends may all have been talking to you and ranting to you about how they plan to 'do it' on prom night.
But that does not mean you should be intimidated into making out as well - for being intimidated into anything is simply not cool! If you think you are ready, then go for it. But do educate yourself, and be prepared physically, mentally and emotionally.
Do not do anything in the spur of the moment, or just because everybody is doing it; and don't be pressurized into anything. Go ahead only if you are BOTH sure you want it. Otherwise it is never a good idea.
The key to having a great prom night is to go by your instinct. If you do, there is not much that can go wrong, for only you know best, what your heart desires. Have fun!