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Teenage Slumber Party Games

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Mar 3, 2020
Looking for some cool and fun teenage slumber party games? Here are some exciting ideas that should interest you.
Laughter, pillow fights, makeover sessions, rock music, junk food, etc., are the words that best describe teenage slumber parties. Having a sleepover or slumber party at a friend's place, when his/her parents are out of town is an exciting experience.
If you are having an all girls slumber party, then you might want to spend all the night chatting away about your latest crushes, while guys may spend hours playing computer games.
No matter what you choose to do, a small session of fun games adds to the necessary element of excitement. Sleepover party games can also turn out to be a great ice breaking activity if your friends come from two distinct groups (for instance, school friends and church friends). So, while planning for a slumber party, make sure you include some cool party games for the group.

Slumber Party Games for Teenage Girls and Boys

While planning teenage slumber party activities, make sure you take into account the interest of your friends. They may want to spend the night watching a rom-com or they may be in for some adventure. If your group comprises girls as well as boys, make sure you plan games that both groups can enjoy.

Truth and Dare

Yes, the most clichéd one, yet the most exciting one. Truth and dare can be even more fun when you have a mixed group. You can bring a variation to the traditional truth and dare game by asking the participants to write three truths and three dares each and put them in separate jars. This way, they are likely to come up with less outrageous ideas for 'dare', for the fear of picking one themselves. You can then proceed with the game as usual.

Scavenger Photo Hunt

This is the most exciting, creative and a true team activity. Divide your participants into numerous groups depending upon their number. Arrange for as many digital cameras as the number of groups. Provide a list for photographs to be taken, for each team. A team has to get all the photographs within a stipulated time frame. 
The first team to get all the pictures is a clear winner. Also, set the condition that every member of team has to be present in at least one photo. Some of the items on your list could be as follows.
  • Picture with an animal
  • Two team members under a sign board
  • Picture of 5 pairs of bare feet
  • Picture of circle of heads
  • Whole team in a human pyramid

Scavenger Photo Hunt

Make your friends sit in a close circle. Ask one member of the group to begin with a story. The next person adds his own plot to the story and it continues until everyone has added their own bit to the story. It would be really funny to watch how the plot changes from serious to hilarious to outrageous.
You can also play the other version of this game, which includes repeating the story line of previous people and adding your own plot at the end. This game will test the memory of your friends while providing entertainment.

Makeover Competition

Divide the participants into number of teams. Each team gets a supply of makeup products, costumes, wigs, etc., according to the celebrity that they are supposed recreate. They are supposed to choose a person, who best resembles the celebrity and do the makeover.
The team that comes with most original looking makeup wins the competition. You will need impartial judges for this game, unless you want tantrums at the end of the game. Besides, arranging for the supplies can be a task.

Scary Story

Ask participants to come up with their own scary stories or anecdotes. When everyone is done telling their story, conduct a poll to vote for the best scary storyteller. The person who garners the highest number of votes is declared as the winner.


This is a great game to play in a group. In this game, participants can auction their talent (giving a foot massage, portrait making, etc.). You can distribute equal amount of play money amongst participants. The highest buyer gets rewarded at the end of the game. You can also play this game at the end of the party and allow your friends to make some real money.
You can also think of numerous other games to play during a slumber party, as per the taste of your friends. If you cannot come up with anything exciting, rent some good movie DVDs that all of you can enjoy.