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Tea Party Invitations

Aarti R Feb 12, 2020
A tea party is a good occasion to get together with your friends and family. There are many tea party invitation ideas you can use. Here are a few innovative ones. Have a look!
A tea party is an elegant way to celebrate new arrivals, retirement, or a casual gathering among friends. To prepare for this party the very first step is to get some really good invitations. You can opt for a hand-written one or simply use pretty note cards to make them.
The important information like the venue, time, and date must be entered correctly and clearly on it, along with the contact details of the host (RSVP). This is in case anybody is not able to attend it. Invitations for kids, girls, friends and family, and for different occasions can be written with catchy phrases and verses.

Invitation Samples

Birthday Tea Party

Invitations for a birthday tea party for little girls can be decorated with lacy notes. Here are some samples for the wordings.
  • "Please join us for
    a marvelous time ...
    Lizy is turning 9!
    Lace up your skates
    and get ready to play!"
  • "We are meeting at the skating rink
    to celebrate Lizy's 9th birthday!
    Wear your finest dress and your mother's pearls
    We are having a tea party just for the girls."
  • "Lizy is soon to be turning nine
    We will enjoy tea and crumpets and have a fine time."

You can write your own invitations according to the place and time of the party.

Victorian Tea Party

"A spot of tea ...
You are cordially invited to a Victorian tea party on
Sunday, August 31, 2014
Four o'clock in the afternoon
At the home of Katie Smith
123, Peace Lily Park,
Please respond to Katie at (Contact Number)"

Baby Shower Tea Party

A baby shower can be organized as a tea time party. Here is a sample for writing the invitation. You can decorate the cards with motifs like teddy bears, baby carriages and toy tea sets.

"Monica has a bun in the oven and we are serving tea!
You are cordially invited to a tea party!
Friday, October 31, 2014
At 4 pm in the evening
RSVP: (contact details)"

Decorating Tea Party Invitations with Poems

There are simple note cards with floral themes or tea theme stickers available with the office supply stores. You can get the decorated stickers on the Internet also. Even if you use a blank note card to write the invitation, you can decorate it with floral stickers.
These stickers can vary according to the occasion for which you are hosting the tea party. You can add a poem that can make the card more attractive. Here are some such poems.
"Tea pot is on, the cups are waiting,
favorite chairs anticipating;
No matter what I have to do,
my friend, there's always time for you."
- source unknown

"A little cup of friendship
With a bag of tea
When you drink this
Think of love from me."
- source unknown
This was all about tea party invitations, and what to write on them. The wordings can vary according to the occasion. So, go ahead and have a ball of a time at your tea party.