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Tea Party Games

Medha Godbole
Pondering over games for an upcoming tea party? Your search ends right here! Just scroll down and you will get a caboodle of them to organize for your guests.
"Strange how a teapot can represent at the same time the comforts of solitude and the pleasures of company."
― Author Unknown

Talk about the fairer sex and tea parties go almost as if synonymous with it. These parties are something like a breath of fresh air for women - be it little girls or grown-up women, it suits all the age groups.
Gossip, bitch, crib. Discuss love lives (of course for older women) and have a hearty laugh with your chums. All in all, have a good time and forget about the daily grind.
To add to the fun and frolic, games are perfect. In case you were planning a tea party and were stuck up when it comes to the games, take a sneak peek at the ones given here.
The Bread Story
If the party involves little women (kids, mostly girls), a very interesting and enjoyable activity could be to have an assortment of bread and cookies along with cutters and fillings for sandwiches. Ask the girls to make sandwiches for all the guests choosing from the platter of stuffing and spreads.
Once they are done, have all of them sample their sandwiches to a judge from amongst the guests and choose a winner.
Get Musical
Even though a cliche, any party or a get-together cannot be replete without the ever green musical chairs. Do we need describe what are musical chairs all about? Have a prize ready for the winner! This can never be a damp squib!
Whose Name is it Anyway
Scribble the names of all the guests on different slips of paper and put them all in a bowl or a hat. Ask the guests to pick one from the slips, of course the chit shouldn't have his or her name. Once all the guests have chosen a slip, they have to turn by turn mime, silently act as the one whose name is on the slip they picked.
The work of the rest of them is to guess who is it. Have everyone imitate the guest whose name is written on the slip. It can be absolutely hilarious to see how each person mimes the other.
Boss of Toss
It is a very very simple game. To play it, have a number of teacups on the ground. Ask the children to line up in a horizontal line. Once they fall into a line ask them to toss the pennies or whatever coins there are into the cups. Obviously, the kid getting the maximum number of coins in the cups is the winner.
Boarding Again
Remember those good old board games? Chess, scrabble, monopoly, bingo and many more can jazz up a party like anything! A lot of people can play them together, at one time, which makes these games a great fit for a tea party. The best part about these is that these can be played by almost all age groups.
The Classics
Memory game, passing the parcel, word scramble, dumb charades and a few more are all time favorites of most of the people. So, have one of these too as sans these there would be no charm!
Well, but this time the much-loved pictionary gets a little twist, but how? Here's how - instead of drawing something on a board, what if the kids depict the given word with tea leaves?
How cool and creative is that! Get the kids to pick chits from a jar and keep trays of different tea leaves ready and see how they use their imagination to describe the word using them while the other team tries hard to guess what the word is. Just fun.
The Mystery Bag
All that is required in this fun game is a brown paper bag and a couple of food items like fruits, chocolate bars, stationery, anything that you think can be hidden in that bag and passed around to the kids to guess what exactly the item is! But make sure some little imp doesn't try to open and see what lies inside!
What more can I describe! Have a ball of a time! Apart from these then, you can always brew and concoct these games and activities using your creativity and gray cells!
Here is where we bid goodbye! Have a gala time!