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Elegant Table Setting Color Combinations

Aparna Jadhav Mar 9, 2020
Table settings are the essence of dining etiquette. Choosing the appropriate color combinations for the linen, cutlery, plates, accessories, etc., sets the right mood and makes dinner more enjoyable. Thus, take a look at some elegant table setting color combinations, which you can consider.
A formal party or gathering which includes a dining menu, has to have a beautifully set table for the meal. This art has very ancient roots. Its sole purpose is to have all the cooked food and deserts together with a group of people so they can share each others company as well as brotherhood.
Many styles are followed, varying according to different cultures. The cutlery used in every culture is different along with the way it is set. The etiquette also varies in many countries supporting their traditions. All these factors play an important factor in deciding the color choices.

Color Choices for Parties

There are many aspects to look out for, and we need to respect each of them if you want the table to look presentable. When you set the table for a personal or family dinner, all you do is take plates and very basic cutlery like spoons, forks, wine glasses, and napkins.
However, parties demand special attention towards the table, and it is supposed to be set keeping all the proper etiquette in mind.


The first thing you should take care of is the linen like the tablecloth and napkins. Most people go for crisp white table sheets and other contrasting shades for the coversheet and napkins.
When you have white as the lower cloth, you can keep bright colors for the other linens. You can try a plain tablecloth for the base and a printed coversheet of the same shade for the top.
Spread the cloth straight and tight onto the table in an even form and then fold the cover sheet into a rectangle and spread it in the center to make the contrast visible. The setting for weddings will need white linen, either silk or cotton fabricated.


Choose the plates and bowls in a very precise manner. If you're using light shades for the linen, preferably white china will be the best choice. White china with printed designs of the same color can also be used.
This is a very important aspect of the settings, as they make the table look pleasant and beautiful. If you are using dark linen, use either white or any light shades of china, which will also look very striking.
The china will definitely differ on occasions and so the settings for baby showers and bridal showers will have informal china along with other accessories.


The types of cutlery you should use for these settings, can be either steel or silver. Steel kitchen cutlery looks very presentable and it goes with every kind of china.
Set the forks, knives, and spoons in a proper manner along with the water and wine glasses.
If you have decorative glasses, use them with the color scheme as this will give the table a very unique look. Otherwise, normal glasses would go perfectly. You can use your traditional crystal for such major functions and gatherings as they add a homely feeling to the occasion.


It's always advised to have add-ons as they make the table look very attractive. Use decorative napkin rings to fold the napkins and keep them either on the plates or below them. You can even have table mats to go along with them, as they make it look neat and organized.
A centerpiece will look very beautiful and decorative. Candles and candle stands of the desired colors will make the table look Victorian and authentic. Flowers, plants, or any other items look very pretty, provided they match the color scheme.
With these ideas, we are sure you've thought about a scheme for your next family function. So, take those linens out and set a beautiful table to serve the delicious meal to all your loved ones!