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Sweet 16 Cake Topper Ideas

Aparna Jadhav Mar 3, 2020
Turning 16 is one of the best feelings in any girl's life, which calls for a big celebration. And that definitely includes a cake. Here are some topper ideas for a sweet 16 cake.
Little girls turning into ladies is a wonderful phase to witness. The transformation is a beautiful process where you see the color of their room change, dolls being replaced by love novels, and demands for a dressing table and a new car, among other things.
There are many other great things about turning 16 and this exciting age needs to be celebrated with a great big birthday cake, a rocking party, and lots of sweet 16 gifts.


One of the most commonly used decorations are numbers. These numbers are either '1 and 6' or Roman numbers 'I and VI'. With the various styles and patterns used to make these number toppers, your choice in cake decorations can be varied.
These can be edible (made from sugar candies), using fondant icing to make these, too. You will also find a variety in different colors, shapes, and elegant styles, depending on the color and design of the birthday cake. If you have an idea about these number toppers, you can get them custom-made, as well.

Tiaras and Doll Cakes

Another great idea is a princess tiara, along with other jewelry like earrings, necklaces, etc. This is because girls of this age are usually very fond of them and love to dress up like princesses. You can easily find various styles of tiaras, including some funny toppers, as well.
They are extremely elegant and attractive to look at, as they have a delicate touch to them just like the birthday girl, symbolizing growth, responsibility, and class. QuinceaƱera dolls are also commonly used on sweet 16 birthday cakes as toppers, since this is a tradition that celebrates the transition of a girl from childhood to womanhood.

Other Toppers

Toppers in the form of a carriage, unicorns, glass castle, glass shoe, pumpkin coach, floral fairies, butterflies, makeup, etc., are also very popular.
They are unique and unusual, and can be used for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, such as this. These cake toppers are also available in different colors, shapes, designs, and patterns, which can be matched with the cake color and icing type. These, too, can be edible, or lit up as candles.
By choosing from such a variety of toppers as a part of the cake, you can give your 16-year-old the best birthday ever. A 16th birthday doesn't happen twice, so, make sure that she cherishes every minute of it.