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Sweet Sixteen Gifts for Girls

Parul Solanki Feb 10, 2020
Planning sweet sixteen gifts for girls can be a walk in the park with these ideas for birthday gifts. Make sure you take your daughter's interests into consideration though when planning her gift. Read on to know more about great sweet 16 gifts for girls.
Turning sixteen is an important landmark in the life of any girl. It marks the memorable day when your little girl has finally grown up to get her first driver's license and maybe even the dating license from her parents.

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While you may have decided to throw a great birthday bash for your sixteen-year-old and even planned out the guest list and fixed the venue, you might get stuck with choosing the perfect sweet sixteen gifts for her. Here are some great ideas that you can use to plan the perfect gift that your teen would absolutely love.

Sweet Sixteen Gift Ideas for Girls

Jewelry: One of the best birthday gift ideas for girls is jewelry. While expensive jewelry from Tiffany's may not be a good idea, you can gift her sterling silver dangle bracelets, anklets with personalized hearts attached to it, or a classic keepsake silver necklace with a monogrammed pendant.
In addition to that, you can also gift her trendy earrings, monogrammed rings, or maybe even her first diamond in a pendant or ring that she can have for life.
Spa Gift Baskets: Which teen girl doesn't enjoy the scented lotions, face masks, and those heavenly bath salts used in spas. You can gift your sweet sixteen a hamper full of the great spa goodies.
If she loves using makeup, then you can include cosmetic makeup like yummy fruity lip glosses, body shimmers, eye shadows, and different colored nail polishes in your gift basket.
Throw in some scented candles and personalized monogrammed towels and tie a taffeta ribbon on the handle for the perfect spa gift for your sixteen-year-old. Alternately, you can also gift her a spa certificate for a relaxing spa day.
Cell Phone: A cell phone is a great sweet 16 birthday presentĀ for a teenager who would probably get her driver's license and the use of the car. This modern must-have can help your teen reach you in case of an emergency and can also help parents keep a tab on the whereabouts of their daughter.
Clothing Gift Card: Girls love to shop for clothes and a clothing gift card allows your sixteen-year-old to pick up the stuff she likes. Plus, the shopping experience together enables you to spend some fun time together trying out funny clothes and going all goofy at the mall.
Magazine Subscriptions: From the ultra feminine to the cutting edge, subscriptions to her favorite magazines, be it glamor, cooking, or photography, can all thrill your teenager. A word of caution though, do not gift a subscription to a teen who is a reluctant reader.
Adventure Activities: Rather than giving your teen a gift for her birthday, try taking her outdoors for adventure activities like paragliding, scuba diving, or sky diving. You can also try enrolling her in hobby classes such as dancing and singing for her to learn the things that she always wanted to.
Money Tree: A money tree is a great birthday present idea for a teenage girl. For making this, you need to strip a branch bare off its leaves and decorate it with cute little bows and of course a lot of bills. Stick this in a small flower pot which you can fill with candies. With the money your sixteen-year-old can go out and splurge on whatever she wants.
Other gift ideas include candy boxes, scrapbooks with family pictures, a fishbowl, and many more. Make sure that you take the interests of your teens into consideration while choosing the perfect gifts.