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Creative Sweet 16 Cakes for Girls

Madhura Pandit Feb 21, 2020
The princess theme is one of the most popular theme for a 16th birthday cake. Presented here are some more ideas and themes for sweet sixteen cakes.
The sixteenth birthday is quite a special one. Right from the party theme to the cake and decorations, everything has to be unique for the day.
Is your best friend turning sixteen next week? Are you planning for a surprise party? If you are baking and decorating a cake yourself, here are some interesting ideas.

Cakes for 16th Birthday

The cake should be designed keeping the '16' theme in mind. While hot pink or purple are the colors of sweet sixteen birthday, you can also experiment with other colors and ideas. If you have a themed birthday party, make sure the cake complements the theme.

Princess Cake

2-3 tiered cake in pastel colors like pink, green, yellow is an all-time popular theme. You can decorate the cake with Barbie or princess cake toppers. Secondly, you can decorate it with sugar flower or even sugar-coated fresh edible flower petals.

Shopping Bag Cake

If you are looking for something unique, then make the shopping bag cake. This cake looks similar to a decorated shopping bag. A purse cake is also another popular option. This can definitely be a good birthday cake theme for friend who loves shopping.

Themed Cake

If your friend is a fan of Twilight or Harry Potter or even Hannah Montana, then what can be a better option that designing a cake based on these themes. You can get customized cakes on these theme from renowned bakers. Or you can even design your own themed cake at home and place a photo cake topper to decorate it.

Classical Chocolate Cake

Although there are hundreds of cake varieties, the classic chocolate cake never fails to impress. A chocolate chip, dark chocolate, chocolate lava cake is still appreciated by people of all age groups.
Similarly, you can also go for fancy chocolate cakes based on themes or with the number '16' on the top to customize it for the party. With this cake, you can have a unique theme for the party, that is the 'chocolate theme'.

Cupcake Birthday Cake

The cupcake birthday cake is also a novel option. You can choose from two options: you can either have an entire cake shaped like a huge cupcake or make a 2-3 tiered cupcake tree.
In case of cupcake tree, you can either have all the cupcakes decorated in a similar fashion or every single one decorated uniquely. You can make use of frosting, fondant, edible flowers, sugar-coated fruits, candies, hundreds and thousands, etc., for decorating cupcakes.
Apart from these, the car theme, jewelry theme, music theme, etc., are some all-time popular themes. Choose from any of these ideas, bake and decorate the cake together and have a blast!