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Surprise Birthday Party Ideas

Shalu Bhatti Feb 11, 2020
When it comes to celebrating birthdays, we all know that our loved ones will come up with some amazing surprise birthday party ideas! It is definitely worth watching the expressions of the people celebrating their birthdays when we end up surprising them in an unexpected way! This article will exactly tell you how to do that!
Birthday is the day we deserve to be treated the 'extra special way'!! And if it's the birthday of a dear one, then it is our 'responsibility' to make this day a fond remembrance, not only for the person celebrating the birthday, but also for everyone who'll be a part of the celebration.
When planning a surprise birthday party, one must consider the person's age, nature, and daily routine. Because not all people have the same likings and appreciation for the same kind of efforts. Hence, surprise birthday parties for all ages should be different and personalized. Let us discuss the various unusual surprises, categorizing them on the basis of the age and mentality.

Surprise Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Kids live in their own fairytale world. So, isn't it thoughtful to plan their birthday bash in a way that brings their fantasy world into reality? When it comes to kids, you must know that including the following is mandatory!
  • Their favorite games and toys.
  • Their favorite color.
  • Their favorite cartoon characters.
  • Their favorite friends.
  • Their favorite music.
  • Their favorite food, cookies, cakes, fries, chocolates, and everything that your kid asks you all the time.
To start with, the first thing that comes to a kid's mind when he/she thinks of a Birthday is CAKE and LOTS AND LOTS OF PRESENTS!! So, surprise your kid with lots of presents.
You can place the presents-big and small-all over the house and ask your little one to find it, like a hide and seek game. An even better surprise will be if you place the presents in the house in such a way that your little one bumps into them naturally. And when you see him/her smile and react with happiness and excitement, you will find that the joy on their face is simply priceless.
You can invite all your kid's friends to celebrate the birthday bash together! Of course, arrange for them to arrive a little after you have spent some personal time with your kid.
To include surprises to the party, you can add the following:
  • Get the birthday cake in the shape of your kid's favorite cartoon character.
  • Obviously, the flavor of the cake should be the one that your kid is crazy about.
  • Include your kid's favorite games in the birthday party, making it his or her all time favorite birthday party ever.
  • Include your kid's favorite games in the birthday party, making it his or her all time favorite birthday party ever.
  • You can also add a dress code or a fancy dress wherein both your kid and the guests are dressed as the cartoon characters that your kid can't live without watching on TV!

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  • Decorate the party with your kid's favorite color, let him or her eat their favorite chocolates, cookies, and cakes till their heart's desire..., it is his (or her) birthday after all!
  • THE BIG SURPRISE can be right at the end, where you can take your kid and the friends to the backyard where you have decorated and wrapped the final present in a way a prince or a princess finds a treasure in the fairy tales. Pack it in such a way that the kid keeps on guessing. And when he or she finally opens it, I'm sure your kid will come running and give you a tight hug and kiss!!

Surprise Birthday Party Ideas For Parents

Our parents are the ones who not only brought us into this world but also taught us how to live in this world. So, planning a surprise birthday party idea for them should be the most important thing in this world, right? 
When it comes to birthday surprises for adults, one must note that they have a lot of commitments and priorities to pay attention to, rather than celebrating their birthdays!
So, plan a surprise in such a way that they happen to stumble upon the surprise while doing their routine work. If you or your parents are lucky enough to have their birthdays on a weekend, nothing can be better! But, if the birthday is on a weekday where your parents will not at all allow you to slip away from your routine, then you will have to plan accordingly! You can team up with your other parent (team up with your mom if it's your dad's birthday and likewise) to make the surprise all the more special.
 Make sure that you don't call out a bunch of people at midnight, when your parent has a job to go to the next morning. So, what can you do to make the day special for them? Hmm... Let's see...
  • Well, if you are old enough, you can make breakfast for your 'birthday mom' or 'birthday dad' in the morning to surprise them. I am sure they would never expect you to get up that early and do this for them otherwise, right?
  • Make a personalized card with your pictures for your parent wishing him or her the best birthday ever!
  • Send your parents a bouquet of their favorite flowers while they are at work, with a note that your parent (celebrating the birthday) is the best in the world and you can't thank God enough!
  • While your mom/dad is busy adoring the bouquet at work, you can plan a surprise party with your other parent (or any elder) at home. Get the favorite music, food, cake. Invite all the guests who can manage to come and be a part of the celebration. Make sure you tell them that the party is a surprise and your parents shouldn't know of it.
  • And when it's time for your birthday mom/dad, to come back home... SURPRISE!! You can also prepare a small yet affectionate speech for your parent, acknowledging how much your parent (or both parents) mean to you and how you look up to them.
Trust me! If everything turns out to be perfect, your parent will not only be surprised but will also be touched by this surprise birthday party that you organized 'especially' for him or her!

Surprise Birthday Party Ideas For "Her"

I mean your 'special her'! They say,"Behind every successful man, is a woman!" So, considering this, the surprise birthday party idea for "her" should be as special as she is to you! 
You can't expect her to be with you all day as she might also want to spend some "girl time" with her girlfriends and family! But even then, your presence in her life is of unmatched importance! What can you do to surprise your lady on her birthday? Check it out...
  • Women are very romantic and want their life filled with romantic surprises. Since we are talking about romantic birthday ideas, be the knight with the shining armor (I don't want you to dress up like that!). As the clock strikes 12 in the midnight, be there at her window (make sure you don't inform her in advance that you will be coming, it's a surprise!). 
It's better if you can cook up an excuse that sounds way too genuine to doubt! And then when she finds you at her doorstep, being the first one to hug her and wish her, she will be swept off by your charm.
  • At her workplace or school (wherever she has to spend the day), send her flowers (her favorite ones) along with some nice notes on them. :)
  • Insist on her spending some time with her girlfriends so that you can get time to arrange for a special evening for her. Take her out for dinner at her favorite restaurant, ordering her favorite food, her favorite champagne, the background playing her favorite music, and so on.
  • If you want to personalize it, then you can show her your cooking skills (if at all you have one), and cook her favorite dish for her at your place.
  • The real surprise could be, if you can manage to leave town (or pretend that you have left town), because of some meeting or urgency and convince her that you won't be back until after her birthday! And then when she sees you there in front of her eyes on the d-day, it cannot get better than that, as you are a part of the celebration!!
  • Another surprise birthday party idea would be to have a fight with her before the birthday (don't make it too mean so that she ends up slapping you!). She will be all sad and depressed (not too much because the fight shouldn't be a big one). 
  • Then on her birthday, you might just wanna surprise her by giving her a special something, something that she always wanted, or something that will touch her heart. Warning: Don't try this of you think you can't handle it!
No matter what surprise you give her, come up with an absolutely convincing situation before the birthday, so that it's impossible for her to imagine the surprise you plan to give her on her birthday!

Surprise Birthday Party Ideas For "Him"

Choosing a surprise birthday idea for him is comparatively easier than picking a surprise birthday idea for her! Guys are comparatively less choosy and demanding than girls; however, exceptions are always there! The thing with guys is that they have a passion for something or the other. 
So it's easier for you to know what brings a smile on their face! Some guys are crazy about gadgets, baseball and other sports, alcohol, boxing equipment, food..., it could be anything. Men are always open about their passion. So, here is what you can do to make this birthday special for them!
  • Surprise him by inviting all his friends over at your place or a club, without his knowledge! Plan it in such a way that the friends are already there when you arrive with him at the venue! A perfect SURPRISE MOMENT!
  • Present him with tickets of his favorite game, baseball, basketball, football! Whatever he likes! And guess what, the seats will be together with his friends! The smile and excitement on his face will be worth it!
  • When he comes back from work after a tiring day, surprise him with a house filled with guests that include his best buddies, his favorite food, drinks, and music. 
If your guy is the attached-to-family kind, then invite his parents and siblings too! If your guy would rather spend some time with you instead of the big get-together, then make sure you are there to take away all his weariness and comfort him the best way possible. Let him be the king and do 'everything' to please him. :-)
  • Plan a weekend surprise!! Book a vacation package that includes air fare, hotel charges, and car rental to surprise him during the weekend. You guys can spend some good quality time together and have some fun! Call it a private party time for the two of you! :)
I hope this will helped you to figure out the perfect surprise birthday party idea, to make the birthday for your loved ones a memorable one! Be it any relationship; friends or family; anything that you do that comes from the heart never fails to touch another heart. So, just follow your heart and plan a wonderful birthday surprise! Good luck!