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Surprise 40th Birthday Ideas

Rujuta Borkar Feb 13, 2020
Here are some great surprise 40th birthday ideas for that special 40-year-old in your life. It could be your parent or your spouse. Were you confused about how to go about it? Well, now you won't be.
The best years of a woman's life―the ten years between 39 and 40.

― Author Unknown
Birthday parties should always be a funtastic way of celebrating someone's special day. And when it's a 40th birthday party, it should be made all the more special. Why? 'Cause there are chances that some 40-year-olds might have started 'feeling their age' and you need to get them out of that funk for good. What better way than to throw them a party and show them how much you love them? In a fun way, of course. So if you're planning that surprise soon, here are some great ideas for you.

Surprise 40th Birthday Party Ideas

There's that charm in surprise birthday parties like there really isn't in any other celebration. It's not only fun for the person whom you're throwing the party for, but it is also as much fun for the person planning it, because it has to all be done without the birthday boy or girl finding out―which then adds to a whole lot of drama and excitement. Then of course there is the aspect of the priceless expressions you get when the person finds out what you've been up to. So to make that happen, here are some sweet and unique surprise birthday ideas.

The 'No Show'

This is a mean trick to pull but it really does work very nicely for a great surprise. Here's what you do―act like you have a very important meeting on the day of the birthday and show a whole lot of remorse for the fact that you won't be home the whole day and that you will only join him/her at night.
To make matters worse, ask him/her to book a restaurant for dinner all by herself/himself. Then on the day of the birthday, wake up early and leave the home with a chit saying you were called away soon. That will get them really mad. Wait for about half an hour or so and then proceed to surprise them!
Walk in with a cake and flowers, a great gift, and a whole lot of activities planned for the day! Think movies, plays, shopping, and dining. It will be a surprise they will never forget.

The 'Go Travel Abroad'

This needs you to have your budget firmly in place. Zero in on a travel destination that the birthday boy or girl has always wanted to visit and then set forth planning for it. Make sure that it's a surprise. If it's your spouse, then make provisions such that you're able to accompany them as well.
If it's your sibling or your parents, then send them with their respective partners. Of course, all this becomes possible if your budget permits you to. But, seriously though, this is one of the best gifts that you can gift someone. Think about it.

The 'Let's Have a Picnic'

Instead of hosting the party at home or a restaurant as is usually done, think of a unique place to throw the party, like a yacht, a theme park, or a picnic in the country. Imagine the amount of fun the entirely new setting will bring to the whole surprise party.
Plan activities according to the place, like a yacht could have a live jazz band and champagne flowing, while you and the guests dance the night away; a theme park will take care of itself, and the picnic could be suffused with a whole lot of birthday party games and tanning.
Make it a birthday they will never forget! Alternately, theme parties are extremely popular as well―black and white, luau, beach party, carnival party, 70's, 60's, and disco parties are some of the most preferred themes for a surprise party.

The 'Let's Make Your Dream Come True'

What has been their one dream? Make it happen. When my dad turned 40, we had a book of all his poems, articles, and columns published into a book and then proceeded to surprise him. Ironically, he had no words.
It had always been his dream that somewhere in the future he would publish a book, but he kept postponing it. So when it happened, it was a very overwhelming reaction. What's your father's/mother's/spouse's dream? Cutting a record? Publishing a book? Going bungee jumping? Make it happen.

The 'Wear Your Attitude T-shirt'

Only you know the birthday girl like you do―then why not give in to her spunky side and gift her a t-shirt like this one?
The tongue-in-cheek humor is bound to get her all cheeky and smiling and banish all thoughts of 'I'm turning 40' from her mind, if there were ever any of those making way. Can you see her getting her way with that one? Be prepared, be prepared.

The 'Signing of the Bottle'

One of the simplest, and yet one of the most cherished traditions that has been around is the signing of the champagne bottle. So on their 40th, start off by popping open a champagne bottle and when they're all giddy with the celebrations, present them with the signed bottle that you opened not an hour ago. Get everyone to sign the bottle while at the party, without the birthday boy/girl knowing. What a memorable birthday this one.

The 'Here's Your Vintage Photo Shoot'

Oh this one is bound to be a lot of fun. Most of us have this thing about getting photographed, sure, but we never end up having great snaps clicked―no, 'selfies' don't really count. So here's what you do―you gift them a photo session with a professional photographer. What a day that will be, can you imagine?
This is my take on some surprise 40th birthday ideas. You could come up with some more interesting personal ideas that work just right for the person whose birthday it is. And really, after a surprise party like this one, I'm sure they won't mind aging one bit. Not at all.