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Surprise Party Invitations for the 16th Birthday

Aastha Dogra Feb 26, 2020
Party invitations should be unique, entertaining and give a prelude to the guests about the fun they will have at the party. Here are some creative 16th birthday party invitation ideas...
Everyone loves surprises! And when the surprises are planned to make people feel special and make an important occasion memorable, even more so! 16th birthday! Each one of us remembers the time when we turned sixteen. It is an age when most of us experienced true freedom for the first time!
Whether it is earning our first salary or driving our own car, lots of such new experiences are associated with this special age. That's the reason why most parents plan a surprise party for their young children when they turn 16. It is their way of making their children feel happy, positive, loved and special on turning this milestone age!
Speaking of a surprise 16th birthday party, when planning it, one of the first things that parents have to decide on is the number of invitees and the party invitations to be sent out. The party invitations should be such that the invitees, which are mostly teens, really look forward to attend the party. The invitation should be attractive and interesting!

Invitation Ideas for a 16th Birthday Party

Ready-made or Homemade?

When it comes to birthday invitations, you have numerous options. The simplest is that you order them from the Internet. For this, all you have to do is select an invitation that you like, forward the wording that you want on the card and order for the copies.
This is an easy way and with the kind of variety that is available on the Internet, you will have plenty of options to choose from! If you find choosing from the Internet a bit impersonal and you want to touch and see how the card looks exactly, you can go to any party supply store and buy ready-made invitation cards from there.
The other way is to make the invitation card on your own. For this, you can rely on the DIY (Do it yourself) kits or you can make your own invitations from card paper.
Although, it will require a lot of effort on your part, but by making invitations at home, you can actually show your daughter/son how much they mean to you. In any case, a special occasion like this, definitely deserves a personal touch!

The Wording...

Let's start with the basics. There are some things that all birthday invitations should have - the name of the birthday boy/girl, the date, time and venue of the party, directions to the venue (if it's far away), dress code and the phone number in case of emergency (if some invitees are unable to locate the venue or can't attend the party for some reason).
Since you are planning a surprise party, also clearly mention that no one is to be told of the party, lest the news reaches the birthday boy/girl. Write a small line on the side or use wordings like "Shhh...it's a surprise party" and put your message across to all the invitees.

The Creativity...

If you have taken it upon yourself to make the invitations at home, there are a number of creative ideas for girls and boys that you can use. If you are planning the birthday party around a theme, design your card in such a way that it gives everyone a prelude to it. Here are some of the popular themes:
♦ Princess Party
♦ MTV Dance Party
♦ Sports Party
♦ Musical Night
♦ Caribbean Party
♦ Hollywood Nite
♦ Chocolate Party
♦ Wonderland
♦ Hawaiian Party
Choose any one from these popular themes and design the invitations after them. For instance, for a sports party, an invitation in the shape of a soccer ball would be ideal. If it's a chocolate party, you can have the envelops for the invitations designed after chocolate wrappers and the entire invitation broken into square blocks resembling a chocolate!
Even if you do not have any particular theme for a party, an invitation which shows a person's coming of age, such as a sweet 16 birthday invitation with a pencil heel for girls or an invitation in the shape of the birthday boy's favorite car, would look good!
A 16th birthday party, right from the invitations to theme to décor to food to cake, should center around the birthday boy/girl. So whether you are designing invitations or planning the décor, keep the birthday boy/girl's liking, hobbies and personality in mind and you will never go wrong!