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Outstanding Super Bowl Party Ideas

Deepa Kartha
With Super Bowl around the corner, many people are getting ready to throw parties at their home. If you are one of them but you have absolutely no clue on how to go about the entire process, here is exactly what you need.
If there is one sporting event in the entire year that the whole country looks forward to, it is the Super Bowl. It has become one of the most watched football tournaments in the United States of America. But no more is the event linked to just watching the game.
It has now turned into a complete experience with people throwing Super Bowl parties to watch the game with their family and friends. While most parties of this nature tend to be a casual affair, there is a fair amount of planning that it needs.
You would need a theme for the party, invitations to be designed, decorations to match the theme, food and drinks, and maybe, even some games and activities for before the game starts. Here we tell you about all the necessary components for such a party, and some party ideas that you can use.

Party Planning

If you are throwing a party for the very first time, it is possible that you may get a little frazzled about the number of things that need to be done. Here you will know what are the things that need to be done while organizing such a party.
One thing you should definitely keep in mind is that it is not necessary that all the guests would be interested in watching the game. Some would be attending the party just to spend time with their friends and family.


When it comes to drafting Super Bowl invitations there are no stringent dos and don'ts that need to be followed. You can be as casual or as formal about it depending on the type of party that you are throwing. You can choose to call up your friends and inform them about the party and then send an email as a reminder or send a more theme based invitation.


There are some very creative ideas that you can use for the invitations that you are sending out -
» A great idea for an invitation is to create admit cards or tickets that have the date, time, and venue printed on it.
» A more tried and tested idea for an invitation card would be one that is shaped to resemble a football.


Decorating the house can make it look colorful. Use decorations that match the emotions of the moment. It is important that there be a space that is the focus of all attention. This is the space that should be decorated in such a manner that it celebrates the spirit of the party.
If you want you can have a pre-party get together and invite your guests to create decorations for the party and hang it up. To have more fun, ensure that you ask your guests to attend the party in the team colors of the team they are supporting.


So what are the ways to decorate your space for the party? Here are some ideas -
» Team merchandise is great for decoration. Use team colors, flags, and football paraphernalia to do up the entire space.
» If you have supporters of either sides attending the party, then choose to divide the room into two sections with decorations for both teams so that supporters can pick sides and egg their team on.

Food and Drinks

Food is one of the most important things to consider while planning a party. Prepare the menu well in advance and decide whether you want to cook food at home or recruit a catering service. Ensure that you do not decide on a menu that needs your guests to have a sit-down meal.
As far as possible choose to serve finger food and appetizers. Buy plenty of beer and do not forget to serve them chilled. You should also keep non-alcoholic beverages in stock for those who do not consume liquor.


» To prepare for the final showdown that is the Super Bowl, several food companies come out with themed food like football shaped candies and cookies. These can be a huge hit at any party for the Super Bowl.
» If you are preparing food at home, then choose garnishing in team colors or if you have the time, then create finger food in football themed shapes.

Games and Activities

While you do not necessarily need games or activities for the party, you can choose to keep some ideas on hand for when you have nothing to do either during half-time or commercial breaks. Choose games that have a correlation to the match or game at hand. There are many different ideas for fun games that you can play which are give here.


There is no dearth of innovative games and activities that you can play during this party. -
» An interesting game is to ask the guests to write down the name of the company or product whose commercials they think would come on T V. The guest who guesses the maximum number of commercials right wins the game.
» A football trivia game where you prepare a questionnaire about the Super Bowl facts can also be a fun game to play during half-time, if you aren't interested in the performance.
Think of more innovative ideas and let your party resemble a festive occasion. The main aim of the party is that everyone should have fun and you, as a host, should try to make it the most enjoyable party that your guests have attended in a really long time.