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Summer Party Themes

Rujuta Borkar Feb 12, 2020
Summer translates into parties. If you believe in this concept, then you'll need some summer party themes to get the show on the road. Here are some awesome themes.
Summer heralds in a time of school breaks, time offs, trips abroad, road trips, lazing around, and, of course, partying! How else would one celebrate that perfect time in the year?
The fun overload, the madness personified, the laughter and screams, the company of friends? All this can only happen if you believe in the idea of summer parties. Does that idea appeal to you? It does?
Perfect! So now you'd want to take the next step and plan a party, correct? And if you don't want to relegate to the tried and tested formulas but want to host some really fun parties instead, then here's some of the best summer party themes for you to choose from. Let the good times begin.

Summer Themes for Adults

Costume Parties

These are, by far, the most popular, and there's so much choice to make. Nothing like the summer to get the enthusiasm rolling for these. And if it's costume party themes, then have your pick from any of these themes―80's parties, James Bond Parties, Disco parties, Hollywood parties, Pirate parties Luau parties, Hippie parties.
In each one of these you get to recreate the magic of that theme. The decor, the costumes, the food, the music―everything should be reminiscent of that era and time, then the real fun sets in.

Game Parties

Get some exercise and re-live the days of yore with your buddies. Choose your patent sport of college/ school and then let loose.
Play the entire day, sweat it out, reacquaint yourself with all the sports tricks and tactics that you used to employ back then, all the expletives that invariably were a part of every game, and the quirky victory dances you took pride in performing. You cannot imagine the kind of fun you will have to re-live a piece of the past again.

Picnic Parties

No better time than the summer to enjoy some great country air. Combine a trip and a picnic by gathering all your family/friends, and neighbors and go to the quiet countryside.
Then have a picnic party in the open. Include an assortment of party games that can be enjoyed by all―board games, field games (jumping sack, relay races, hopping to the finish line, obstacle races), singing, dancing, and food.

BBQ Parties

With all that hardcore partying going on, it would be nice to take in a nice relaxing day off, and a barbecue party is the perfect choice for that. Assemble at someone's place (preferably someone who has a pool or a nice backyard) and then settle in for a nice and relaxing evening.
BBQ steaks, beers, music, and dancing. The soft summer breeze and the smell of delicious mutton in the air. Get in some swimming or some board games as well and you'll need nothing more.

Summer Themes for Kids

Water Party

Nothing like letting the kids in for some water time. Most kids love the water and can spend hours in it. So arrange a pool or make it to the beach (though you'll have to be extra careful with this one), and some great games.
Make sure you have a lot of food ready for all those growling stomachs after their swims. Games like water polo, 'find the coin at the bottom of the pool', passing the ball around', and if it's the beach, also include a sandcastle building competition and the like to the list.

Slumber/Movie Party

Arrange for a slumber/movie party. Get the kids a marathon of great films, supply it with a regular flow of popcorn and hot dogs, and then follow some tradition and get them to tell some ghost stories or play a game of truth or dare. Perfect.

Activity Party

This takes a lot of planning but it's loads and loads of fun. Include games like scavenger hunt, joining the pictures, memory games, and other activities. Not only will the kids have a whole lot of fun, but it will also be stimulating their reasoning and thinking power.
This summer, let the fun times roll with these great party themes. Have fun, make merry, and do it all over again, all summer through.