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Spring Party Ideas

Medha Godbole Mar 6, 2020
When it comes to spring parties, there is no dearth of ideas. Spring marks the onset of summers after the winters, so it is a perfect weather for partying! Scroll down to know about some party ideas for this season.
Come spring and there are fresh blooms all around, and over all, the general hue starts becoming colorful after a period of gray, white, and black. Indeed this reminds us of what Robin Williams said about spring - Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party!' So that is reason enough to add to the merriment and the brightness.
What better can there be than a cozy little party to mark the change in the season, saying goodbye to winters, and welcome spring? Yes, a spring party is what we are talking about. If you are thinking about partying this season, here are some refreshing ideas for the same!

Spring Party Ideas for Adults

Fling with the Spring

One of the best bets as far as spring parties are concerned is having decorations with colorful flowers. To add to the mood, have a good old-fashioned punch bowl with a popular and colorful drink. Let the guests pour themselves a drink. A small flower arrangement hanging from the ceiling will serve as a spring mistletoe. Finally, have a dance floor with some nice dance music.

Flowery Invitations

Have a spray mount for affixing 2 papers of different patterns but of the same size, back-to-back. Then take the paper and crease it in half. Then get a copy of the template related to flowers and spring. Reduce or increase the size to the desired size.
After that unfold your homemade card or a bought card, and then place the wordings or the template in the middle of the crease. Further, trace half of the flower in pencil on half of the card, and then cut the fold. Cut out the half flower after that. This will make for a fabulous and innovative spring party invitation.

Fooling Around

Many people just love a chance to dress up and go for a costume party. So, give them what they want - the chance to dress up in colorful and bright clothes. For that organize an 'April Fooled You' costume party if it is close to April 1. Let this party be different from that of Halloween by having sparkling masks. Again bright, cheerful colors and lots of flowers is a must for this spring soiree.

A 'Seedy' Affair

This according to me is a great idea to add to the depleting number of plants around. When you give invitations, stick an empty seed packet to the front of a blank invitation and the party details inside. When the guests arrive, give them terracotta pots with their name painted so that they can carry home the seeds and bulbs they exchange.
In addition to that, have the party on the patio or in the yard, which will be more fun. As a kind of innovation, use gardening tools as decoration. For instance, have bags or bales of mulch to sit, fill the wheelbarrow with blooms and if it is a party for kids, use a gardening trowel meant for kids to serve food. Also, use strung peppers and braided garlic.

What's Cooking?

Start off with fruit and veggie appetizers as snacks. Serving edible bulbs and seeds, like green onions and peas in the salad will be great as party food. Add some fried onions, baked garlic, and you are set! Garnish the salad with violets and tulip blooms, and do the same with the cake too! Have drinks like Margarita and serve chilled in a martini or a cocktail glass. Won't this be great as one of those spring break party ideas?
This was just a glimpse of a few ideas. If you look around you, you will get a whole bunch of party ideas for spring, like making the guests write a green idea on account of the earth day, donating woolens and so on! Have fun!