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Sleepover Party Ideas for Girls

Mukta Gaikwad
Girlfriends are great fun to hang out with and have sleepovers with. Here are some fun sleepover party ideas for girls for all ages, so that no one's missed out.
You parents are out of town and you have the house all to yourself. Wondering how to spend the night? Worry not girly! Invite your girlfriends over and have a blast. A plethora of sleepover for girls ideas will help you out with your sleepover party. Movies and munchies are the regular things at the parties. Go a little beyond that and implement a few out-of-the-box sleepover party ideas. It's party time and everyone's invited to make it merrier. Read on...

For Kids

The game is called 'Name the Tune'. Gather the girls around a music player and play the songs on a mix. Let the girls guess it. The first person to guess it right gets a point and so on. Keep awarding till the end of the game. Finally, when the game is over, one person will have maximum number of points. The winner is the one, who does not get to sleep all night!

For 9 Year Olds

Nine-year-olds love adventure sports. Arrange for a sleepover outdoor somewhere close by or in your backyard. Ask each girl to get a tent along, or if they don't, provide them with tents. In this outdoor slumber party, take the girls out for a night trail and do some star gazing, exchange a few anecdotes (funny and not scary), you can cook a meal too while camping. This will be good fun and chance to discover skills too. Don't forget to take snapshots.

For 10 year Olds

Games like 'dumb charades' and 'pictionary' are brilliant for 10 year old girls. Make two teams and play these games. Have fun watching the chaos these kids would create in these mute games. Read more for slumber party ideas for 10 year olds.

For 11 Year Olds

Games, games and games! Playing girls slumber party games is the best way to spend sleepovers. The girls will love it. This game is called 'Toilet Paper Designer'. For this you will needs bundles of 12 bundles of toilet paper to have outrageous amount of fun. Make two teams and each team will be give 6 bundles of toilet paper rolls. Each team will have to design a dress out of the rolls. How could we not talk about fashion when it's sleepover for girls?! Have a show down of haute couture. Winner gets a sash made out of same paper with the title of Miss TPD! Figure that out!

For 12 Year Olds

This a very popular game, that takes brain and some boldness. Boldness is required to solve the clues that are set up outdoors in the dark. Add an element of scary clues 'like what rises in the graveyard shift' with an answer 'moon' and place something in the moonlit area. That's creepy! The winner gets a goody bag as treasure.

For 13 Year Olds

This is your first teen party and you want to make the most of it. Order some chick flicks like, '27 dresses', 'Walk to Remember', 'When Harry Met Sally', 'Sweet November', 'Princess Diaries', 'Devil Wears Prada', 'Dirty Dancing', 'Shopoholic' and many more. Make this sleepover party a classic one with popcorns and munchies as you enter the world of love and romance.

For 14 Year Olds

This one's fun and can have a lot of experimentation. I would suggest play the evergreen sleepover game of 'Truth and Dare'. Gather your girlfriends around and spin a bottle. Find out some groovy details, romantic tidbits, juicy gossips and deadly secrets and you play the naughty truth and dare ideas. Have fun girls!
I hope by now you have enough ideas on sleepover to last you the year. The key to having an awesome girls night is to plan well for the party and party harder!