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Fun Sleepover Games

Sheetal Mandora
A sleepover is never complete without playing exciting games and having tons of fun. If you're hosting or attending one in the near future, then the following sleepover games will come in handy...
Whenever there's a sleepover, the highest attention goes on the snacks to eat and games to play. The host/hostess has to make sure that everyone is having a good time and is entertained properly. And if you are hosting a slumber party for your friends from school and the neighborhood, then we have some fun games for girls and guys.
When your friends are looking forward to having tons of fun at your party, why not give them exactly what they want. For your next super fun slumber party, here are a list of sleepover games you can play.

Games to Play at a Sleepover

Sleepovers or slumber parties are a great excuse to give the kids a fun night out, without ever having to leave the house. With no homework and no adult supervision, these sleepovers let the girls hangout, gossip, eat pizzas and candies, and talk about boys all night long.
And as for boys, what can I say than, "let boys do what they love the most". Give your child a great slumber experience with these games.

New T-shirts

To play the first game, ask your friends to get a blank white or black t-shirt for the sleepover. Purchase few inexpensive iron-on letters from the store for everyone.
At the time of the party, take a bowl, place all the letters inside it, and ask everyone to lay out their t-shirts in front of them. One by one, turn the iron on, set the timer at 5 minutes, and have them iron on the letters. You can make crazy words, names, or shapes with the letters.

Baseball with Balloons

Divide the kids into 2 teams and have them stand in two lines on either side of the room. Now, blow a balloon and toss it in the air. What the teams have to do is, one team at a time, will work together and keep the balloon from hitting the floor.
And the catch is, no one player can hit the balloon consecutively. This way, all the players get a chance to hit the balloon and the other team can make sure the players are not cheating. Whichever team keeps the balloon in the air the longest, wins.

Sing a Commercial

For our next game, we will make up some of our own commercials. Gather some items from the room and kitchen like hairbrush, spatula, bowl, cereal box, nail polish, etc. Now, take turns and pick one item and make a 30 second commercial.
Ask your mom or big sister to judge the game and give scores. Whoever wins, gets a sweet prize.

Find the Alarm

Take a timer and give one kid to hide it in a particular room (living room). In the meantime, all the other kids will be outside the room. Once the timer is hidden, the kids can be let in to find it before it goes off. Whoever finds the timer, wins.
Now if the timer goes off before anyone had the chance to find it, the kid who hid the timer will win. You can even play this game in the dark and give the kids flashlights to make it more interesting.

Box of Theater

If you're searching for any 2 person game, then here's one for you. Get a cardboard box and put a hat, shoes, jacket, handbag, etc. inside. One by one, each one of you will take one item out of the box and do a little skit with it.
Think about what you want to do and perform in front of your friend. Isn't that a fun party game?

Truth or Lies

Have all the kids sit in a circle and ask them to think of 2 truths and 1 lie. Once everyone is ready, start the game. When the first kid gives 2 truths and 1 lie, everyone else has to judge which is the lie.
Whoever comes up with the correct answer wins. If no one can guess which is the lie, that kid will win.

Eating Donuts

No, we're not going to have a contest where everyone needs to eat the donuts. For the next game, we are going to put eye masks on each kid. Have someone hold donuts in their hands and ask each kid to eat them.
You will set the timer at 1 minute and the kid who manages to finish the donuts in time, wins.

Hula Hoop

In the living room, place two chairs at some distance and ask the girls to stand in a line. One by one, each girl will place a hula hoop around their hand, feet, waist, or head and try to walk from one chair to the other.
But she has to accomplish that in just 30 seconds and that too without dropping the hula hoop on the way. Whoever gets to the second chair without making any mistakes, wins.
Of course, there are many more games that can be played by boys and girls. If the kids want, you can even bring out the PSPs or an Xbox or even Wii gaming consoles. And with the wide range of games available, you can be sure that they're going to have tons of fun.
Sleepovers are a great way to let the kids get to know one another better. Perhaps after reading this, you will have enough games to play with your friends. Have fun!