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School Party Ideas

Uttara Manohar
School parties can be fun filled if arrangements are done accordingly. Many themes and decoration ideas can be used to brighten the party environment. If you planning one, then get hold of some amazing creative ideas to rock the school party.
School parties need not be boring and cliched. In fact, they should be absolutely fun, and above all, a memorable experience for the kids.

Besides the other arrangements, always make sure that a party has minimum, yet adequate adult supervision.
The party scene has undergone a transformation, you know? It's not about the simple, cute parties with balloons and confetti anymore. In fact, it's all about changing with the times and making your party count.
School parties can prove to be a whole lot of fun if they are planned well and their full potential is drawn forth. There are so many things that can be done in terms of themes, decorations, costumes, music, food, and games, that you will literally be spoiled for choice.
While organizing the school party it is to understand the kind of age group you're hosting the party for, and the kind of resources you have available.

Ideas on How to Throw a Fun School Party

★ Try to pick a theme for school party that is suitable for kids. Think of the age group in majority and then pick a theme in accordance to this factor. Think of innovative dress codes, fun games, and activities which the children can really enjoy.
★ In case you are not having the school party in the school premises, pick a venue that is convenient for everyone (including the parents who would be dropping off their children).

★ Involve the faculty in the school party planning process, should you need any kind of resources or monetary help.
★ Try to collect school party contributions in advance to ensure that the party planning process is carried out smoothly, and all the arrangements are in place. Include the children in the planning process, and ask them for suggestions to make the party more fun for them. Ask them what kind of themes and games they would like to see at the party.

Themes For School Parties

The first and foremost thing that you have to think of? The theme of the party. Which, of course, depends on the kind of age group that you're dealing with. There are varied things that can be done keeping the theme in mind.
Era-based themes are a lot of fun because they are all encompassing. In the sense that once the theme is decided, a lot of other things fall in place as well, like the decorations, costumes, music etc.
Era-based Themes
Every era has had a distinct style of its own―may it be in terms of clothes, music or others. Go with something like this 70s theme that we have running in this accompanying image to the right.
The cowboy theme oozes style through and through. Get this into place and see the amount of fun that people have, dressing up in them boots and hats. Also, have the typical music playing in the background.
The Cowboy Theme
This is an all-time hit with the little kids. They get to play 'dress-up' and make a day of it―why wouldn't they like it?
Fancy Dress Theme
Just like these kids in the accompanying image. So if it's a school party for smaller kids, you should seriously consider going with the fancy dress theme.
The disco theme has got to be one of the most fun themes that has ever been around the party scene. It simply demands that you have fun.
Disco Party Theme
And that is what you will do, right? So, go all crazy with the dim lights and shiny disco balls on the ceiling, and of course, do not forget the music―'cause what's a disco party without some electrifying music? Not much, not much.

Decorations For School Party

The decorations that are done at the party are extremely important. Why? Because they set the mood of the party, that's why.
And these decorations can be of varied kinds, like theme-based decorations or color-coordinated decorations, or something that requires the use of props, like balloons, buntings, banners, and hand-crafted art.
★ Decorate with Ballons
★ Hand-crafted designs can be made out of papers and crepe papers. Then these can be pasted on walls.
★ You can design any type of crafts out of crepe papers.
★ Hand prints out of paint can be done on the walls for decoration.

★ Assorted lightning schemes can be planned for decoration.
★ Theme related designs like cowboy themes. In this theme you can include wooden horses, boots, hats, and ropes.

Games For School Party Ideas

What's a party without games? Not much fun. So what are the kind of games that can be played at a school party? Again, a lot depends on the age group that you're dealing with and the space you have available.

Dog and the Bone

Two groups have to be formed with equal number of members. Each member in both groups is given a number from 1-n. An object is placed in the center. At the go of the whistle, the two people who have the same numbers from both groups have to come forward and try to grab the object.
Of the two, whoever manages to cross the line with the object without being tackled, wins the round. The group that collects the maximum 'bones' is declared the winner in the end.
Divide the people present there into groups of two. Each group is given an empty bucket(s) and a packet of balloons.
Blowing Balloons
At the go of the whistle, both members have to start blowing the balloons and place them in the bucket. The couple that manages to blow the maximum number of balloons in a minute wins.

Blanket Game

In this game every member must knows everyone's name present there. The members are divided into two groups who stand on opposite sides of the room. Hold up a huge blanket, preventing members to see who is opposite.
One member from each group is blindfolded and brought to the center of the room to guess opponent's name. The blindfold and also the blanket is removed and the member who calls out the name of the opponent first, wins. The team that manages to call out the maximum names, wins.

Memory Game

This is a rather simple and common game, but one that promises a lot of fun. A certain number of objects are placed in a tray and covered with a cloth.
At the go of the whistle, the cloth is taken off and the objects are shown to the group for about 30 seconds. Then the cloth is covered again and the members are asked to list out the objects. The person who gets the maximum number of objects right and wins.
Dish it Out
In this game place a paper plate that is filled with flour to the brim, then the candy is placed in the plate such that it is not visible. Line these plates on a table with enough gap between each.
Ask the contestants to place their hands behind their back and stand in a line. At the blow of the whistle, the contestants have to try to find the candy with their mouth. Once candy is found, they have to run to the finish line with the candy. Whoever crosses the line first wins.

Food For School Party

The thing with party foods is that one has to keep in mind the foods of convenience. There is no scope for an elaborate food menu that might be messy and extravagant. Instead, there needs to be something that is simple and convenient.

Simple finger foods work out best. So, think sandwiches, burgers, French fries, and the lot. In sweets a nice assortment of cupcakes and pastries will work out just fine.