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Safari Theme Party Ideas

Aastha Dogra Feb 16, 2020
Themed parties are very trendy. A safari theme will ensure that all your guests remember your party for a long time. Here are some ideas for safari-themed invitations, decor, food, games, and favors.
If you are planning on throwing a party and want to give your guests a thrilling experience of the wild, a safari-themed party is what you need. Whether it's for kids or people of all ages, everyone will love the experience of being thrown into an imaginary world of forests, animals, birds, hunts, and adventures like an African safari.


The invitations should give the invitees a hint of what to expect at the party and build up their excitement to attend it. If you are planning on getting ready-made invitations, you will find plenty of free printable templates on the Internet, which have pictures of animals, jeeps, and tourists on them.
If you're planning on making the invitations yourself, use forest green colored paper. You can glue pictures of forests and animals on them. You could send them wrapped in an animal print cloth.


The party decorations should be done very creatively so that the venue actually resembles an African jungle.
To create such an atmosphere, you can consider putting up a tent in one corner of the room, placing a few plastic and rubber animals, reptiles, insects, and birds all around the venue, having some faux trees along the walls, placing a few animal print rugs and pillows on the furniture, and hanging artificial vines from the ceiling.


When it comes to the food, have it served on animal print paper plates. You can include foods such as sandwiches cut in different shapes like fruits and leaves, fruit platters, fruit custard, chips, and animal crackers.
As for beverages, you can keep natural fruit juices for both kids as well as adults.

Games and Activities

A treasure hunt is one of the most popular choices for games, in which both kids and adults can participate and enjoy. Do not forget to give the guests binoculars and torches. You can either plan the treasure hunt yourself with hints that border around animal names and other jungle things, or you can even get ready-made versions from the market.
For the kids, you can arrange for a face painting station inside a tent or a canopy. Another activity that you can include is making crafts such as animal masks and bead bracelets. There are also craft kits available on the Internet with all the required things as well as stepwise instructions.


Animal soft toys, bracelets, and candles are apt choices for safari-themed party favors.
Another unique idea is to plan an activity wherein all the invitees get a disposable camera to take photographs of their adventures at the party and then send these pictures to the guests as party favors.
A safari-themed party can be fun, adventurous, and thrilling when you plan it with lots of creativity. Unleash your wild imagination and you are sure to come up with some unique ways of organizing a safari party.