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Rules for Playing the Jenga Drinking Game

Shruti Bhat Mar 6, 2020
If you like playing drinking games and if Jenga is also among your favorites, then the Jenga drinking game is for you.

Did You Know?

Jenga means to build in Swahili. The highest recorded Jenga tower stood tall at the height of 40 tiers with 2 blocks on the 41st tier.
Leslie Scott, a British woman, who was born and brought up in Africa introduced this game to the world in the 1980s. This game was initially made using children's wooden building blocks. It became the second-most favorite board game after monopoly.
A new Jenga box contains 54 specifically made wooden blocks. The game of Jenga is plain and simple. It is a lot more fun after adding a drunken twist to this old board game.

You Will Need to Play the Jenga Drinking Game

  • Permanent Marker
  • A Jenga Set
  • Alcoholic Beverages

How to Play the Jenga Drinking Game

  • Go turn-wise and draw one block from any level of the tower (except the one below an incomplete top level).
  • Place that block on the topmost level. The use of only one hand is allowed.
  • The next player has to pull another block out and place it on top (using only one hand at a time).
  • A turn ends once the next player touches the tower or at the end of 15 seconds, whatever comes first.
  • The player who draws the block out, has to follow what is written on it.
  • The game ends when the tower falls.
  • A person who makes the tower or a block fall, loses the game.

What to Write on Jenga Blocks

For the Jenga drinking game, you will need to come up with tasks related to drinking and write them on the blocks. Instead of giving you a game setup, we are giving you some ideas on what could be written on the Jenga blocks. Each player drawing a block has to do what's written on it. Ideally, all the blocks should have a drinking-related task. As a variant though, you could have some blocks with tasks unrelated to drinking, like a round of 'Truth or Dare', 'Simon says', or 'I've Never'.

Number of Sips

On the blocks, you could write instructions pertaining to the number of sips a player has to take. Take a certain number of blocks (say 5), and write a different number on each, such that the blocks say, "1 sip", "3 sips", and so on.

Number of Shots

Have some shot glasses ready. Take a certain number of tiles (say 6), and on each of them write the number of shots a player has to drink. Here, the blocks will say, "2 shots", "4 shots", and so on. The player drawing a block with, say, "4 shots" written on it, will have to drink 4 shots of the drink, before the next player takes his turn.

Mixing Drinks

For this, you should be having multiple drinks. Here again, pick some number of blocks and on each of them, write an instruction about drinking a mix of two or more drinks. You could have something like mixing one's drink with that of the player to his right/left, or mixing two drinks in his drink and gulping down the cocktail! You could have a block saying "Share", on drawing which, all the players mix their samples into one drink, and the player drawing that block has to finish the mix.

Who Drinks

On some blocks, you could write who drinks. For example, a block could say "Choose who drinks". The player drawing this block gets to pick a player who is supposed to finish his/her drink. You could build around the players' positions.
For example, a block could say, "One to your right", which means, if you draw this block the person to your right has to finish his drink. A block could say "One opposite to you", which means if you draw this block, the player sitting opposite to you has to drink.
You could have two blocks saying "All girls drink" and "All boys drink". Depending on which block is drawn, only the girls or only the boys in the group, have to finish their drink.

Drink If You...

You could have some blocks saying something like "Drink if you are wearing red", "Drink if you own a dog", and so on. If a block saying "Drink if you are wearing red", is drawn, all those who are wearing red, have to finish their drink. For this idea, choose such criteria that you will find at least some players meeting them.

Change in Order

Some blocks could have instructions to change the order of playing. You could have a block saying "Reverse", on drawing which, the player drawing it finishes his drink after which the order of playing is reversed. Have a block saying "Skip", on drawing which this player drinks, but the next player has to skip his turn.
You could have a block saying "Repeat", in which case the same person gets to play again. You could also have a block saying "Decide Next". The player who draws this block gets to decide who plays next.

Drink On

Have a block saying "Waterfall", on drawing which the player drinks and everyone follows. No one stops drinking till the first player finishes. Have blocks saying "Everyone drinks", with a change in quantity on each block. For example, one block could say "Everyone drinks a glassful, while another could say, "Everyone takes a sip". Let everyone drink on, and see the game getting crazier than you thought it would be.
So, this was about playing the Jenga drinking game. Pick any or all of these ideas and let the party rock. Have fun but play responsibly.