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Retirement Ideas for Principals

Rujuta Borkar
The school principal retiring soon and you need ideas for how to make the event a really, really special one? In this following story we will look at some of the ideas that can be used to create a very special retirement party, complete with gifts and games and speeches.
The college it stays, the pillars strong and sturdy. The students they come and go but the teachers are there, carving the students lives. And the principal? The principal, who makes the college what it is. When it is time for the principal to retire therefore, it is an emotional moment for not just him/her, but also the entire teacher and student fraternity. So a retirement party is in order and everything has to be perfect.
For that to happen though, we need some retirement ideas on what can and should be done to promise that old chap the time of his life. And of course to tell him/her the love, respect and awe you feel for him/her. Ready when you are then, let's get on to how this retirement party can be made a huge, huge success and one that they'll remember forever and ever.

Party Themes

There's never a dearth of the different things that you can do with themes. It depends on the kind of people involved in this process, the kind of theme that will be finalized for the retirement party. For example, if the management, the teachers and the students are involved in it, then in all probability it will be a formal event.
If on the other hand, it is only the teachers and the principal (and this completely depends on the kind of person that the principal is) you can look to make an informal party as well. Or better still, after the very formal party has been taken care of, the staff can get together and throw the principal the party of his life.
If you're going with a classic theme, it will usually follow a pattern of formal speeches by some members of the management, the staff and the students. The retirement speeches usually revolve around talking about the varied achievements of the principal professionally as well as in his personal life.
There will be gifts that are presented as a token of appreciation for the principal and a dinner or lunch depending on the time of the day.
If on the other hand, the party runs on an informal note, there will be scope for including varied games and other activities, as well as funny gifts. There can also be the retirement party speeches, but these will not be constricted to formal speeches as a compulsion. They might go on to include a fun element to them.


Of course there will be the gifts that will be given to the principal and everyone would want to make the gifts really special as well. So what are some of the retirement gift ideas that can be used when coming up with formal and informal gifts? Here are some of those.
  • Commemorate their years as a principal by gifting them an album that has all their pictures from their young days to their recent ones. All their achievements and merits and things like that.
  • Make a video collage for them that features a tour of the college, their cabin and of course, bytes from teachers and students alike.
  • Alternately, a scrapbook with much the same idea can also be given.
  • A brass plate or a trophy that conveys the gratitude and respect you have for them.
  • Make it a funny one with a letter that has all their quirks and mannerisms carefully documented in it. Make sure to be funny, but sensitive.
  • It is not necessary that it has to always be a very emotional gift, it could also be a utilitarian gift just as well. Think of what the principal likes and give them something that they'll appreciate like a tour of a foreign place or a collection of a famous series and the like.


I'd reiterate that it depends on the kind of celebrations that are in place to decide the way in which the retirement activities for principals and games will be arranged.
One of the most popular choices is to have a skit or a performance by the students or the teachers, which highlights certain funny incidents that revolve around the principal and his life. It could even be a parody, but that is clearly a choice that has to be made depending on the kind of set up and the nature of the principal.
Other than that, having the usual games and activities like dog and the bone, musical chairs, joining the puzzle pieces, treasure hunt, charades, taboo, pictionary and the like, can always be made use of.
These were some of the retirement ideas for principals that you can look into and draw inspiration from. Here's hoping that you now have a clearer idea of what to do for that party and how to make it a success.