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Quick Appetizers for Parties

Kritika Parwani Feb 26, 2020
To make a good first impression while hosting a party, appetizers play an important role. Here are some easy recipes for you if you are hosting a party and looking for ideas on quick appetizers.
With holiday season fast approaching, there's no better time to throw a party for your family and friends. Planning a party can be a little overwhelming but it does not have to be so. For any party, the food planning is a major factor.
The first impression being extremely crucial, your appetizer recipes should always leave the guests wanting for more. With a little bit of planning, you can come up with tasty and quick appetizers for the party that are sure to win over any crowd and still keep you out of the kitchen for enjoying the party that you put together.

Stuffed Cherry Tomato Poppers

You will love these bite-sized tomatoes that you can make in advance. To make this appetizer look even more eye-catching, you can use a white platter so that the beauty of the bright red tomatoes really stands out.
♨ Mayonnaise, ½ cup
♨ Cherry tomatoes, 1 quart
♨ Bacon, 1 lb
♨ Parmesan cheese (grated), 3 tsp
♨ Green onions (finely chopped), ½ cup
  • Thoroughly wash the cherry tomatoes. Cut the top off, and with a small spoon or melon baller, scoop out the seeds.
  • Cut the bacon into small pieces and fry them. Place the crispy fried bacon on a plate lined with paper towels to drain and cool.
  • Place the tomatoes upside down on a plate for them to drain for 25 minutes.
  • Take a medium-sized bowl and add bacon, cheese, mayonnaise, and onions to it. Stir until they blend well. Fill the tomatoes with the mixture and refrigerate at least for 4 hours.
Your stuffed cherry tomato poppers are ready to be served.

Asparagus Roll Ups

These asparagus roll ups make great appetizers for parties. They are extremely easy to make and will still wow your guests with its rich flavor and texture.
♨ Asparagus Spears
♨ Butter, 3 tbsp.
♨ Onion (finely chopped), 1 tbsp.
♨ White bread (one slice per spear)
  • Cut the crust off the bread and flatten with a rolling pin.
  • Then, mix 2 tablespoons of the butter with onion, and use it to butter one side of each slice to taste.
  • Roll the asparagus spears in the bread with the buttered side facing in.
  • Melt the remaining butter, and brush onto the rolled spears.
  • Bake at 350 ºF for 12-15 minutes (just before the party is starting) or until golden brown.
  • They can be served alone or with your choice of dipping sauces.
Your asparagus roll ups are ready to be served.

Cheese and Fruit Trays

Cheese and fruit trays is one of the most classic and elegant appetizer recipes for parties. Especially during summer, light cheeses and fresh fruits make wonderfully refreshing appetizers. They are super easy to prepare and add  elegance to the party.
♨ White Wine
♨ Roquefort Cheese
♨ Feta Cheese
♨ Cheddar Cheese
♨ Melon
♨ Grapes (black and green)
♨ Apples

  • Marinate the cheddar and feta cheese in white wine for a few hours.
  • Place one piece of each kind of cheese along with one apple slice, one grape, and one piece of melon on a small skewer. Arrange it on a tray.
And now you have your cheese and fruit tray ready!

Tangy Seafood Canapes

These appetizers are not only more healthy than the traditional crab cakes, they also have a unique kick to them because of the horseradish. If you want this seafood appetizer recipe to be a little more tangy and spicy, you can add a dash or two of hot sauce.
♨ Canned crabmeat, 1 cup
♨ Fresh parsley (chopped)
♨ Mayonnaise, 3 tbsp.
♨ Celery (finely chopped), 1 tbsp.
♨ Horseradish, 3 tbsp.
♨ Butter, ½ cup
♨ Toast points, 32
  • Drain the canned fish.
  • With the help of a blender, combine the mayonnaise, celery, and fish and blend into a paste.
  • Combine the butter and horseradish in a bowl.
  • Spread the horseradish butter on toast points and top them with the fish mixture.
  • Garnish with parsley sprinkled over the top.
These appetizers for a party require minimum time and will definitely leave your guests licking their fingers. So go ahead and enjoy not only these quick appetizers but also the compliments that you will receive for them!