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Princess Theme Party

Aparna Jadhav Feb 16, 2020
Fairy tales are part of every little girl's fantasy. You can surprise your little angel and make her dreams come true by throwing her a princess-themed party. Here is a list of some essential things to guide you.
Dragons guard her towers, witches try to poison her, dwarfs love to take care of her, and finally a dashing prince comes to rescue her. These are the fairy tales we grew up listening to and fantasizing about.
If you have a little girl who loves to pretend to be a princess, you can make her feel like one on her special day with a princess-themed party. Dress her up in a lovely gown with a tiara on her head, and make a cake with her favorite princess on it.
It's not only little girls that a princess party would thrill, it's same for tweens as well. The idea of wearing a ball gown and having a party is a girl's fantasy regardless of her age. Given here are some lovely ideas with all the necessary arrangements you need to take care of while giving her the best party ever.


You can have a princess (whichever is her favorite) on the cover, and calligraphy inside for a medieval touch. Invite all her friends and your family to make her feel special. You can have ribbons and glitter on the invitations to make them attractive. Let everyone know it is a theme party and mention a dress code for both girls and boys in the invitations.


Decorate the walls with streamers and flowers. Tie ribbons to the chairs and tables of the same color scheme. Have a banner made with "Princess (her name)" written on it and hang it right above the center table.
Balloons and pompoms will add a very festive look to the room and brighten up the occasion. Pink, purple, yellow, light blue, and greens can make the colors of the evening. Decide the dress code accordingly and make sure all the decorations are in similar colors.
You can have pictures of all the fairy tale characters hung up on the walls.

Supplies and Menu

Don't forget to get the necessary party supplies. You can make the party more interesting and unique by having princess theme plates, cups, and tissue paper. You can arrange for party favors to go with the theme too.
Key chains, stationery, and earrings can be some of the things you give out to the guests. You can bake a princess birthday cake for her and have it in the shape of Cinderella's glass slipper or Sleeping Beauty's bed.
You can have themed appetizers, food, and beverages for the menu. For example, crown-shaped sandwiches, pink popcorn, and queen of hearts tarts. Try to go for themed music as well, get Disney soundtracks which are available online.

Games and Activities

With many guests, parties can get tough to manage. It's a good idea to plan some group activities for everyone.
You can have musical chairs, story telling, Simon says, pin the tail on the donkey, and treasure hunting games for the kids as well as adults. Involve the guests in telling jokes and puppet shows.
Having a princess theme party will definitely make her feel very special. Every girl thinks she's a princess at least once in her childhood and to have that fantasy come to life will be one of her best memories. So make her birthday special and treat her with a beautiful princess party.