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Princess Tea Party Ideas

Puja Lalwani Mar 6, 2020
To make the apple of your eye feel like a little princess, on her special day, here are some ideas for a princess tea party you can throw for her, and see the beautiful sparkle in her eyes.
Every little girl likes to enjoy some time with her friends by dressing up as princess. Thus, you can organize a little princess tea party for your daughter and her friends. Here are some tips on how to plan the event in a proper manner so that the girls have a wonderful time together.

Ideas for a Princess Tea Party

Since a princess tea party is already based upon a set theme, you know the direction in which you have to proceed. In essence, everything should relate to the princess theme, with bright colors, castle like decorations, and similar food. The party should begin somewhere around early afternoon and end in the evening.

Bursts of Color

The traditional colors for such parties range from pink, purple, blue, golden, and silver. However, there really should not be a restriction on the kind of color you want to use for the party. It should be used in an appropriate combination. You can also experiment with yellow, orange, green, peach, red, and salmon as well.

Summoning Princesses from Neighboring Kingdoms

You can have the invitations for the party printed on a scroll or colored paper (based on the color combination you have decided). Tie the scroll with a ribbon and send it across to all your little one's friends. Use fonts that are similar to old English to make the invitation look authentic.
Apart from scrolls, the invitations could also be printed on magic wands, tiaras, crowns, or on silhouettes of a princess figure. Ask everyone to dress like a little princess of their choice. This could be Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, or Sleeping Beauty.

Enjoying in the Princess' Castle

Set a table where you will lay out the food. Cover it with a flowing tablecloth of the color you have decided. Add lace to the cloth, sprinkle some confetti on the table, and have pearls and artificial jewels scattered all over. Set up another table where the little girls can enjoy their food.
This too could have a similar tablecloth, but avoid too many decorations on this table, in case it disturbs them while eating. If possible, cover each chair with plain fabric and tie a ribbon around each chair for a princess-like feel. You can also place a big star behind each chair with the name of every girl who is attending the party.

It's all Fun and Games

With their flowing dresses, you may not want to have the little girls running around too much. Let them enjoy activities that don't require them to move too much. For instance, you could give them basic tiaras, and have them decorate each one in their own way. This they can take home as a party favor too.
You could also have them make fairy wands with Styrofoam, glitter, and other craft materials such as beads and stickers. Following these activities, play some music and throw several balloons on the floor, amid which they can dance and enjoy.

A Tummy Full of Yummy

Something that all kids will look forward to at the princess tea party, is the cake. You can have a cake like the grand dress of a princess, with the figure of the princess in between. Keep it to the colors of the party you have decided. This is the best cake idea for a princess party as it will be loved by all the little princesses there.
Since the little girls may not enjoy tea, serve other drinks in fancy teacups with gold or silver lining. Iced tea, ginger ale, or fruity punches are all great choices. Keep foods limited to finger foods as they are easy to eat.
Chicken salad sandwiches shaped like stars, or peanut butter and jelly, tuna, cheese, cucumber and tomato sandwiches are all great choices.
Don't forget sweets such as frosted cookies in various shapes, and fruits. You can also arrange for a chocolate fountain that little girls can enjoy with cream filled wafers, marshmallow, or small pieces of cake.

Sweet Memories to Take Home

Giving favors will just have the little girls remember what a great time they had at your little one's party. Make a small gift bag and fill it with artificial stone jewelry, magic wands, tiaras, or even a small cookie jar.