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Sumptuous Party Food Ideas for a Princess Party

Medha Godbole
There is no dearth of food ideas for a princess party for your little princess. With the right appetizers, main course, and dessert, your party is sure to be a hit. Here are some mouth-watering food ideas.
Ages 2 to 10 were the fairy tale years―full of dolls, chocolates and pretty pink dresses. Planning a party for your little princess can be a tough task, but we have made it easy for you.

Party Food Ideas

When the group is large, it is better to keep the menu short and simple. One of the few things which pop into our minds when planning the such a menu is sandwiches. Sandwiches are a hit be it a big event or a meal for a large group.
Think about something like jelly, jam, or peanut butter sandwiches. Cutting the sandwiches in different shapes will make eating more interesting for your princess and the other royal guests. If you are looking for a change, hotdogs are another considerable option.
You need to tantalize the kids' taste buds and build up their appetite before they get to the main course. For that, get some olives, crackers, baby carrots, and baby corn dipped in cream cheese. A little bit of paprika and oregano seasoning will be perfect to add to this.
Presentation is everything for kids. Having something on the menu which will be great to see and then eat is important. Fancy food makes a nice impression. A doll-shaped cake or swans made from chocolate cookies and vanilla frosting are a good option.
Have something like edible wands made of celery sticks dipped in yummy cream cheese. Spring onion dip or sour cream can also be used for this.
Drinks and beverages are another important aspect of celebration. Try going for something pink, like cranberry juice. Pink lemonade, grape juice, or apple cider can also be good for the purpose. It can be any fruit drink as long as it is sparkling.
Go all out on the dessert. Frosted cupcakes, cookies with cream and icing, or even delightful pastries can be a great option as dessert.


  • Avoid making it too sophisticated and elaborate.
  • Make the food look attractive.
  • Schedule and plan the event beforehand―what and when to serve, which things need to be kept in the fridge, etc.
  • The food should be in tune with the time of the celebration. Themed breakfast foods for breakfast, fun princessy lunch for a lunchtime event, etc.
These pointers will surely help you host a fantastic princess-themed event with the perfect food.