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Potluck Ideas for Kids

Bhakti Satalkar Mar 6, 2020
When kids are going for a potluck, coming up with potluck ideas can be difficult at times. However, there are many ideas out there, which one can utilize and make the potluck interesting.
If your kids are going for potluck and if the invitation says 'bring anything', then the planning for the potluck becomes difficult. You find it difficult to navigate towards a particular side, as in whether you would like to navigate towards sweet potluck food ideas or towards savory potluck ideas.
At the same time, since it is a potluck for kids, one has to ensure that the food is not messy, as kids are not the kinds, who will sit and eat well. They are going to be running around, pushing each other, etc. Hence, one of the option is to have finger foods.
One does not have to really waste a lot of time in the kitchen for making the potluck food either. There are simple and interesting food ideas, which can be utilized.

Easy Potluck Ideas for Kids

If you do not have a lot of time to spare to prepare the potluck, you can opt for some easy ideas. However, I would like to bring it to your notice, that easy food ideas, do not necessarily mean the food is not tasty.


One of the potluck ideas, which will never go out of fashion are the sandwiches. They are not only easy on your pocket, but they are also easy to make. You can choose between the vegetarian filling option or non-vegetarian fillings. If your child prefers cheese, then a cheese filling is also one of the great options.
Making colorful sandwiches with different vegetables is also good. My personal favorite are the ribbon sandwiches, which I make with carrot and beetroot filling between one layer and the other layer with cucumber, green capsicum, onions, etc. In the non-vegetarian filling, there are the egg sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, or the salami sandwiches.

Barbecued Meatballs

This is an easy potluck idea, if you are working on the day of the potluck. You can make barbecue meatballs and give them to your child. The other alternative is to get a frozen pack and heat it in the oven and pour the sauce on the meatballs. If you do not want to make it messy with the sauce, then you utilize the sauce as a dip.


If your child has a sweet tooth, then cakes are a great non messy option. You can make the double chocolate cup cakes or the choco chip cakes, or the fruit cakes, etc. It is best to make cupcakes, so that it is easier to serve or pick.
If you bake the regular cakes, then you will have to be bothered about slicing them in approximately same sizes, and it will be far messier with the pieces, which is not the case with cup cakes. At the same time, you can make the right quantity of cakes too.


Baking a healthy bread at home is a great option for potluck parties. My personal favorite is the garlic bread. Since you are making the bread for kids' party, you may probably want to make garlic bread sticks. It is a great finger food and not messy at all.

Mini Pizza

One of the my favorite easy potluck food are the mini pizzas. You can make just the plain cheese mini pizzas or make them using different toppings. However, one key to remember is not to use too many toppings. Remember you are making the pizzas for the kids.


This is a great potluck option for kids. You can choose to make one or more dips for the nachos. One of the best option is to opt for cheese dip. It is a dip, which will never go wrong, not only with the kids, but also with adults (of course unless, the adults are on a diet ;)).

Stuffed Mushrooms

This is an easy potluck food idea, as well as not so easy potluck idea. The mushrooms can either be stuffed with finely chopped vegetables or with cheese or with herbs or with some meat. Carving the mushrooms is a difficult task, but then making the fillings is rather easy.


Like mini pizzas, bruschetta is also a fabulous idea for a potluck. You can use different toppings for the bruschetta. At the same time, you can make a big batch simultaneously, which means you will end up saving time.
These were some of the potluck ideas for kids. Before you start planning on the food, it is a good idea to confirm the number of kids invited for the potluck. This will give you a fair idea of the quantity of food you should be preparing for the potluck, so that neither is the food too less or way too much.
Taking into consideration the age group invited for the potluck will also help you to decide the right kind of food.