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Amazing Pool Party Ideas for Kids

Neha Joshi Feb 27, 2020
A pool party is usually an event held outdoors and requires different planning techniques. Here are some interesting pool party ideas for kids that you can use for your kid's next pool party! Read these and you won't need any help!
Pool parties are always fun even if you don't plan them in advance. However, if you have got the chance to plan them, why not? Throwing a pool party however, isn't very easy. Start from cleaning the pool, getting the decorations in place and then arranging for food near the pool too.
All this needs time, so start preparing as soon as possible. First, count the number of kids invited. Then, count the number of kids who can swim and those who can't. Do you plan to invite all the parents or just a few? If just a few, how many?
Planning a pool party in the monsoons requires completely different preparations. In such a situation, make sure you have arrangements for the food and the seating.

Fun Pool Party Ideas for Kids

Before we look at the ideas, prepare the invitations and send them out. While planning a pool party, you have to keep in mind that kids are prone to small accidents. If you are going to invite kids who don't know how to swim, make sure you have some elders continuously paying attention.
Also have a first aid kit with you to take care of emergency situations. With that point taken, let's proceed to the ideas!

Pool Games

Arrange for some pool party games for the kids. For example, you can put in a lot of balls and leave the kids in the pool and let them decide what they want to play.
Arrange competitions for them such as relay races, and give out prizes to the winners. To make the pool look more attractive, you can put in different types of floats. This will also help the kids who don't know how to swim.
Another game is to choose one person and then make him catch all the others in the pool itself. The one he catches first then takes his place.
Here is one more for kids who know how to swim. Throw some 50 coins in the pool. You can change this number depending on the number of kids that come. Whoever gets the maximum number of coins out of the pool, is the winner.

Theme Parties

The best theme to have at a pool party is the Hawaiian theme. Get flower and bead necklaces for everyone. Have a range of colorful mocktails for the kids by the poolside; this will make the venue look more colorful. You can have Hawaiian music and space for some dance too. The best part about having a themed party is that it keeps you involved in the party.
Kids will start preparing their costumes according to the theme, days in advance, and will be waiting for the party. You can also give the kids an open choice. They can dress according to any movie character they want.
However, this movie character should be related to water, in one way or the other. Girls can dress up like mermaids for some time, and maybe, the boys can choose to be mermen.

Demanding Tummies

Pool parties always tire out the children way too soon. This means, you have to keep plenty of snacks ready all the time. Sandwiches are your best bet as snacks for a pool party. Burgers are a little heavy on the tummies and this might make the children a little too full.
Cupcakes and fries are great for snacks. If you are planning this party in the summers, make sure you have a lot of beverages ready for the kids as well. Swimming in the sun dehydrates the children immediately, which makes it important for them to have ample liquid.
Keep a variety of both as kids get easily bored with the same food items. Candies and chocolates are always welcome!

Forever Awaited Favors

Kids are always very excited when it comes to favors and return gifts and so, these are a very important part of our pool party ideas for kids. Now here, you have two options. First, you can give each child a float as a favor.
Flip flops and water balls are other options of pool party favors for kids. This way, he can use the gift in the party itself. If not, you can give the children anything of your choice. Don't forget to ask your kid for suggestions as s/he might have some great ideas.
If you have selected a theme, as advised here, you will have to think of a favor keeping that particular theme in mind.
These were some fun pool party ideas for kids that you can think of while throwing a pool party for your kid and his friends. Planning a party that is thrown to celebrate an occasion is fine, but otherwise you should just set the kids free and let them be.
If you have the infrastructure, you can also plan a rain dance for the kids. If the kids are a little older than say 8, you can have a small music system set up too! Start planning in time to make the party a success! Best of Luck!