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Pool Party Games

Mukta Gaikwad Feb 29, 2020
Pool parties are the perfect way to beat the heat. Here are a few pool party games to make soaking up the sun, all the more fun!
The killer summer heat starts taking a toll on outdoor activities. The best way to beat the heat, is to have pool side parties. So whether it's a birthday party or a Sunday brunch, pool parties are always fun! Including pool party games is a great way of doubling your fun at the party.
The best part about these games is that they don't need much of efforts to be arranged. Thus, you don't have to think twice about throwing a pool party.

River Crossing

Split the number of players in the two teams. Give each team a raft (that will not keep them stable). Tie rope along the length of the swimming pool. Each team must try and cross the river, without dropping either of the member in the pool. Even if one member falls, the game has to be played all over again. The team which manages to cross first, wins!

Jumping Jellyfish

This game can be played by both adults as well as kids. Have all the players line up along the deep end of the pool. Nominate one person as 'it'. While all the players are lined up, 'it' will try to make them laugh.
The one who laughs first has to be pushed in the water, till the last one remains. The last person (who doesn't laugh) gets to be the next stand up comedian!

Treasure Dive

To play this pool game you will have to make a few preparations. This game, as the name suggests, is very similar to treasure hunt. Before you begin, place a few treasures (like coins and other metallic objects which won't float) at the bottom of the pool. Divide the players into two teams and let each team divine in to seek the treasure. The team which can collect maximum treasure, evidently takes it all!

Cannonball Splash

Make a team of boys and girls. Each team gets a turn to make the biggest splash in the water by jumping in. Let the ladies go first, while the men judge. The splash must be rated on the scale of 1 - 10. This game will give you great opportunities to take some great pictures!

Dog Race

Not like you have to know how to swim to attend a pool party! This game is meant for those who can and cannot swim. Line up the players and make them jump in one by one. Each player has to dog paddle his/her way till the finish line, bark like a dog and get out. The first one, who barks and gets out is the outright winner!

Musical Pool

This game is similar to the musical chairs. The difference is that it is played in the pool. Instead of using chairs, use floats or tubes. Every time the music stops, players will have to grab a float. The one who does not, has to perform a punishment.

Wet T-Shirt

Divide the players into two teams. Once the whistle is blown, the player has to put on the T-shirt and swim a lap, hand over the T-shirt to the next person and so on. The team to have all its players swim first, wins the T-shirt!
While planning pool parties and putting up pool party decorations, do not compromise on its safety aspect. Ask your guests to carry sun glasses, towels and sunscreen while attending the party. Plug-in some great party songs, to make the party rock!