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Attractive Pool Party Decoration Ideas

Rashida Khilawala Feb 23, 2020
Pool parties are a glam sham way of celebrating anything. Be it a birthday, wedding rehearsal, baby shower or the Oscars, they are the way to go. Nonetheless, depending on the nature of the party there are certain types of decorations that you can have. Here are some cool ideas for the same.
Remember the episode of Sex and The City where Samantha (played by Kim Cattrall) throws a gorgeous pool party at the Hampton's? It was just amazing. Pool parties are a great idea to not only have fun but also beat the summer heat.
May it be a quiet meeting or a loud celebration at the pool side, the decoration would have a major role to play in creating the right atmosphere for it. Here are some decoration ideas that might prove useful to make the celebration a hit.

Kids' Pool Party

These parties for kids can be a messy affair. Thus, the decoration has to be of a simple and protective nature. For example, knowing that seldom do kids stay out of the pool, keep a lot of colorful floaters in the pool.
You could keep two floaters per child. The lounge chairs on the pool deck can be colorful. Select bright colors like blue, red, green, yellow, and purple. They add a cheerful and childlike ambience. You can also have cute balloon animals all around.

Game Time

Pool Volley Ball is a popular game. So why not add it. You can add a net midway in your pool and throw a few balls in there. Let the people enjoy. You can have other games like table tennis and ice hockey, on the deck as well. You could have colorful posters around the pool.
This kind of a decoration will be appropriate for young adults, as well as the adults. Children attending such a party can have fun splashing water around in the kiddie pool.

Hampton Style

You could have this style, with the white chic deck and lounge chairs. You could have floral decorations and a champagne fountain.
At such parties, usually no one enters the pool, however, just in case someone does, you could have white linen towels set on each lounge chair for easy access. Such a party is a very upscale affair, so, your hired help also adds to the general d├ęcor of the same, and make sure that they are dressed appropriately, as well.

Hawaiian Style

You can keep a Hawaiian dress code and serve the drinks in coconut shells. Make a hay-shed type roof for the pool and keep a lot of palms around it. Linens can have leafy or floral prints.
The lounge chairs can be brown or green in color. Most importantly, you need to have Hawaiian music playing in the background. You could also have Hawaiian dancers and garlands for the guests.
Most important of all, no matter what the occasion or party idea, the host needs to, at all points of time, be very conscious of the safety of the guests.
Often in a party mood people do forget the importance of safety, but being the host, you need to be absolutely certain that you have a trained lifeguard around. He doesn't really need to be guarding the pool at all times, nonetheless, in case of an emergency, he needs to be close by.