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Exciting Pirate Party Food Ideas

Pirate party menu need not be something special, the most important part is how you present the food items. Stick to your pirate party theme while deciding the menu and recipes.
Pirates is a wonderful theme to celebrate birthdays, both for adults and kids. If you are hosting the party, plan the activities and costumes ahead of the special day. You can think of using pirate talk in the invitation card and while mentioning the dress code.
Apart from party games and activities, you also have to decide the party menu beforehand to satisfy the taste buds of your pesky pirates. This will differ depending upon whether you are throwing a party for kids or adults. Here, we will take a look at some pirate party food ides, which will help boost the mood.

Exclusive Pirate Party Menu Ideas

So, you want to act like a pirate for one day, or at least till the party gets over. For the decoration part, try to make the venue look like a ship. You can hang black cloth rags to give a ghostly effect. While selecting food recipes, consider the favorites of your invitees.
As pirates do not follow proper table manners, select only those foods that are best served with hands. Also, the menu for kids should be less spicy as compared to that for adults. Keeping this in mind, read up the following pirate party food ideas that you can use to make the most of your party.

Drinks and Beverages

For adults, chilled beer served in bottles is an excellent idea to make the pirate-themed party look real. You can also pour it in glass mugs.
In case of kids, cold root beer and spiced apple cider are the perfect choices. You can make tasty root beer by adding scoops of vanilla ice cream in a bottle and pouring beer on top of it. Do not forget to chill beverages before serving.


Hotdogs are a versatile food item, suited for both kids and adults. To make them in a unique way, you will need 1 hotdog, 1 bun, 1 tablespoon pork and beans, and ketchup. Keep hotdogs in a napkin and warm them in oven for a few seconds.
Place warmed hotdog on top of the bun and drizzle with pork and beans and ketchup. Make 4 pieces by cutting the hotdog lengthwise first and then across the pieces.

Finger Food

Pirates are always hungry. Keep plenty of finger food in a reachable spot. Any finger food will do. Make them resemble the shape of a sword. Serve meat balls, sandwiches, vegetables, and fruits. Your guest can pick anything as per their taste.

Tortilla Rolls

Lay tortillas and spread a layer of cream cheese. To these, add pieces of lunch meat. Then roll up the tortillas and refrigerate for about an hour. Make slices of 1 inch size out of the rolls.
For a different taste, replace cream cheese with mustard, mayonnaise, or any other condiments. You can secure the rolls with a toothpick for ease in refrigerating and cutting.

Potato Wedges

Clean potatoes like baking. Pat them dry and cut into wedges. Add it to a mixing bowl with 2 tablespoons olive oil.
Toss well and arrange the oil-coated potato wedges in a non-stick baking dish. Set the oven to a high temperature setting and cook for about 40 minutes. Season with salt and pepper before serving.

Celery Special

Rinse fresh celery thoroughly under running water. If you have time, allow them to dry for about 15 minutes. Then, cut them into 6-inch long sticks. Fill each piece with peanut butter and cover with raisins. You can also add chocolate chips.
When your guests take a bite of these peanut surprise, only then will they come to know the hidden taste.
While exchanging drinks and serving food, encourage your guests to talk about life on the ships. Remember to put pirate labels to the dishes while serving and your mates will be impressed with your creativity.
These simple pirate party food ideas will definitely transform your regular food recipes into something special. Make sure you prepare extra servings to avoid embarrassing moments of food shortage. After all, your guests will enjoy this party to the fullest only when they have their stomach full, right?