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Ideas for Pirate Party Favors

Puja Lalwani Feb 16, 2020
Stumped about what to give out as pirate party favors for your little one's pirate themed birthday celebrations? Here are some great and affordable ideas to choose.
Remember Captain Hook from Peter Pan, and Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean? If you are looking for some ideas on hosting a pirate themed get-together, you need not look anywhere else for inspiration.
Just watch any pirate cartoon or movie, and you will be able to get several ideas for the whole theme, including favors. Kids love pirates and giving them appropriate gifts to take back as a memory of the wonderful time they had at the party, is the perfect way of saying thank you, and having them come back for more.

Some Great Ideas

Who said that the favors have to be expensive? They can be affordable too, when you choose from these ideas. In fact, you can even make some of these yourself.

The All-Famous Eye Patch

While neither Captain Hook nor Captain Jack Sparrow wore an eye patch, it is something that is easily associated with a buccaneer. The eye patch can be given to every kid as he/she enters the party, and they can take it back home as a memorable favor.

Necklaces and Trinkets

Noticed all the funky, colorful trinkets that Captain Jack Sparrow wore in his hair?
You can make them yourself, as beads are inexpensive and making these trinkets is very simple. Just pin them on a band that can be tied around the head, with the trinkets hanging from it. Add in some funky but long beaded necklaces that can also be a part of the ensemble.


The Bandana is another accessory you will find in Jack Sparrow's attire. It is cheap and makes for a great favor. Just get some black and white, or red and white bandanas, and give them out to the kids. Specific buccaneer bandanas are also available, but they may be slightly expensive.

The Hook

The identity of Captain Hook can now be given to the little kids at the party.
The hooks can be homemade, as you can cut them out from foam, paint them in a metallic color, and attach them to a sock. The sock can be worn around the fist, and voila! The little ones have their own hooks. Instead of foam, you can also purchase plastic hooks and prepare them for the kids.


By photographs we mean, Polaroid images of every child dressed as a pirate. All it requires is a Polaroid camera. Have the little ones strike the right pose, capture the moment, and give them away. In fact, you can have them all pose with the birthday boy/girl. This makes the photos even more memorable.

Treasure Hunt

No pirate party can be complete without a treasure hunt. Chart out a map for the treasure hunt.
Divide the kids into teams, and have the same number of any of the aforementioned gifts packed in the basket as a treasure. Every member of the team gets one. If you want, you can have different gifts for different teams. This way the kids get to play fun games, and get suitably rewarded too.
Now that you're ready with the invitations, the food, and the favors, what are you waiting for? Host the best pirate party in town, and leave a fun memory in the minds of the little ones. Good Luck!