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Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Aastha Dogra Mar 3, 2020
A scavenger hunt is a great way to have fun with friends. It is a competitive and adventurous game, that is equally popular among kids and adults.
Let us look at some interesting ideas, that can be used to make it even more enjoyable.
Scavenger hunts are great team games to bond, explore, and have fun, together. The best part about them is that they can be customized accordingly, while playing with kids, teens, and adults. Photo scavenger hunts are becoming increasingly popular, too. For those who have a group outing coming up, and are planning to arrange for games, given below are some of the most creative and fun ways to conduct this game.


Participants get to impersonate and pose as any celebrity of their choice. So, they dress up like their favorite. For example, a sportsperson, movie star, famous businessman, or politician. Then, they must have their photographs taken. The photographs are judged on the basis of creativity and how genuine the participants' looks are.


An educative idea for college students is to divide them into groups, and then ask them to take photographs of ten famous buildings in town. The ideas for the list can include - the oldest building in the city, most visited building, main library, mayor's office, main post office, or a famous person's house, and the like.

City Tour

It is often seen that a person living in the city, hardly knows anything about its famous places and landmarks, like restaurants, public buildings, gardens etc. So, a good idea would be to search the Internet and make a list of all the famous places in the city.

Then, split everyone up into teams, visit all these public places, and take a photograph. To make it more adventurous, you can have them travel only by public transport. The team which comes back first, with the photographs of all the places in the list, is declared the winner!

Random Things

Ask teams to take twenty photographs of funny things that they see around them. It can be hilarious graffiti on the walls of a building, a policeman sleeping in his uniform, a man wearing a girl's dress, and similarly odd instances.
The teams can click photographs of anything that is weird or funny around them. Again, the photographs are judged on the basis of creativity and their fun quotient.


Take the participants to a mall and have them click photographs of a few listed items, that could be available there. You can include things like - photographs of ten clothing items for kids, the most and least expensive item in the mall (the photograph should include the price tags),
photograph of a family with more than four kids, photographs of ten store assistants at the mall (they must pose together for the photograph), photographs of ten grocery items, ten designer accessories, or ten furniture items, and the like. The group that returns first, with all the items in the list, is the winner.
You can make it more fun at the end of the game, by asking each group to make a slideshow of the photographs, a collage, or presentation, for the other teams to see.