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Perfect Favors for Your Winter Party

Mia Morales Dec 23, 2019
Whether you are having a birthday party in December or throwing a celebration for the holiday season, it is important to leave your guests with party favors that are unique and fun. Here are a few favors that every guest is guaranteed to love.

Comfy Socks

Although socks have been traditionally seen as a gift that most people do not want, it is, in fact, the opposite. Socks make a wonderful gift for a variety of reasons. They are usually not very expensive, which means you can buy several pairs for each guest and not push your budget.
You can also stay warm in the winter with fuzzy or knee-high socks, as it is important to keep your feet insulated to avoid the escaping of vital heat. Socks are also usually a one size fits all purchase, so you are almost guaranteed to be getting a pair that will fit everyone you are giving them to.

No-Sew Blankets

An easy, inexpensive gift is a no-sew blanket. These are usually made out of fleece fabric and cut into strips and knotted on the edges to give a border. They are a popular option as they do not need complicated sewing instructions.
Fleece is cheap, and you can order designs based on what your friends, family or loved ones like, such as their favorite colors or patterns. For a reversible effect, try putting two different fleece fabrics together, so there are opposite designs on each side. Your guests can snuggle up in them when the party ends.

Brownie in a Mug Mix

A winter classic is brownie in a mug, a delicious concoction that can be whipped up in a few minutes and popped in the microwave for gooey perfection. Mix dry ingredients like sugar, flour, cocoa, and chocolate chips in miniature jars and put instructions to add wet ingredients on the front of jars for your guests.
You can also customize the jars with stickers, ribbons, and other decorations to match the theme of your party. Once your guest is home, they can easily put all of the ingredients together and have a mouth-watering dessert whenever they want to.


Everyone loves to smell good, and there is no better way to achieve that than by gifting candles to your partygoers. Candles come in thousands of different scents, sizes, and types of wax, so the possibilities are endless when choosing the perfect scent for your gift bags.
It is easy to match a candle to the theme of your party, or a favorite fragrance of your guests. For example, if you are hosting a Christmas party, it is a good idea to go with a scented candle like pine, cranberry, apple.
Whenever your guests light the candle you give them, they will have memories of the party and your relationship with them.

Body Lotion

Many people suffer from dry skin during the winter months. Therefore, handing out lotion as a party favor is always a gift that your guests will use. You can often pick up several miniature lotions in a bulk order from boutique body shops.
Make sure to get a variety of scents in case your guests have a preference or type of lotion or cream that they like to use. A smaller bottle of lotion is ideal, because they can put it in their car or handbag to have easy access and be moisturized at all times.
You should not have to worry about whether your guests will like your party favors when you are hosting a winter event. With these options, you will be able to put together gift bags that contain things that everyone is bound to enjoy. Your loved ones will leave the party feeling happy and satisfied.