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Party Themes for 13-year-olds

Aarti R Feb 19, 2020
You turn 13 only once. It's only natural to want to welcome your teen years with the pomp that it deserves. Here are some great ideas to help you do just that.
Most definitely the theme you select for a 13th birthday party will depend on whether the group is an all girls group, an all boys group, or a mixed group of girls and boys. Hence, here are some theme ideas divided into the 3 categories.

For Girls

Makeover Party

No matter what age, every girl, lady, or woman loves a makeover! So why not plan the first ever makeover for your 13-year-old? Call on her best pals, and arrange for everyone to have a makeover!
Now, It need not necessarily be an expensive party. You can call on one of your own friends to help you out, especially your friends who are fashion designers, or who run beauty salons. They would be able to pitch in to help you out.
You may strike a deal that is comfortable and agreeable to both of you - either your friends may volunteer, for free, or may provide you their services for a discounted price. However, make sure you inform the mothers of all the other girls what you are planning to do. They should be aware and be okay with what their daughters are getting into! Once you get the green signal from them, you can plan one awesome party!

Mismatch Party/Twins Party

At a mismatch party, you can ask all the pals of your girl to wear mismatched outfits! In fact, the 'mismatch' can be taken beyond clothes.
You can style the girl's hair in two different ways (braid one half of it, and tie the other in a ponytail!), the girls can wear two different kinds of shoes... it can become really wild and funny! You can also keep some small awards, like The Best Mismatch Girl, or The Mismatch Queen or something similar.
I admit you would need one bunch of crazy wild-headed girls to agree to a Mismatch Party! So the other option would be to have a Twin Party. You can ask the girls to pair up among themselves, and then dress like twins! They have to wear the same clothes, accessories, hair, footwear, everything! I did this with my friends when I was in school - and I speak from experience, it was super fun.

Garden Party

You could arrange a garden party for your daughter and her friends. You can have all the girls come in summer dresses. Add that extra fun by giving your party a Victorian or old-English feel.
You can arrange for parasols for all the girls. If you really want to splurge, you may even design hats for the girls. As a party favor, you can give the girls special comb clips. You can decorate the food table in a Victorian theme! Serve the girls with some nice tea and muffins.

Outdoor Party

Sometimes it's good to step out of the house and have some fun outdoors! An outdoor party theme for 13-year-old girls can be anything - from a day at the beach, to a movie party, to a picnic in the wild!
It's easy to plan a movie party. You can take all the girls out for a nice movie. You can club the movie with lunch at their favorite eat-out. A day at the beach will be awesome too. The girls will have some grown-up fun too, checking out the dudes at the beach, or surfing the waves!

For Boys

Adventure Sports

Boys love adventure! One of the surest way to make a boy get-together party a success is to arrange a trek for the boys to go on. You can even pick on something like rock-climbing. Finally, if you can, you may arrange for a camp.
Building a tent, cooking your own food, and singing campfire songs is so much fun! If your boy and his friends like the sea, you can even take them scuba-diving, snorkeling, or surfing! The boys will definitely enjoy it.

Let The Games Begin!

This will be enjoyable if your boy and his buddies play sport like baseball, basketball, or soccer. You can book a nearby stadium. If that is going to cost too much, you can settle down for a nearby training facility.
If you have a basketball rink in your own backyard, you can organize a match for your boy and his mates. Make sure you keep some prize to motivate them. The game could be followed by a nice lunch. If you want, you can prepare the food at home, or you can simply call for pizza.

Go Gaming

A gaming alley will give your boy and his buddies a chance to enjoy games like bowling, go-karting and the like.
Taking your 13-year-old and his friends to a gaming center would be a nice way to introduce them to such things. Also, if you yourselves take them go-karting, you can ensure there won't be any misadventure. They will love you for it!

Movie Night

There are a whole lot of guy movies out there which your 13-year-old is sure to enjoy. So why not treat them all to a movie night? Rent a DVD, and keep the fridge stacked with refreshments, and the popcorn buckets filled to the brim, and you have yourselves an easy to throw and fun to enjoy party.
Just make sure you let your boy pick the movie; you do not want all the kids simply pretending to have fun, or worse - getting bored at the party - because you chose an awfully un-cool movie!

Some Common Themes

Dance Party

Dance parties, with a lot of music, food and (non-alcoholic) drinks, will always be enjoyed by boys and girls! If yours is a mixed group, a dance party might be a good idea! Depending on your budget, you can call a DJ to spin some amazing tracks for the bunch.
You may also burn a mix CD of the most popular songs and provide the music for the party. You can even have a tutor give them dance lessons! Salsa, Tango, Cha-Cha-Cha, Jive, or even something as fun and crazy as Zumba! Think about it!

The Book/Movie Party

There are books and movies like The Harry Potter Series, The Twilight Saga, which have a huge teen following! Base the party around such great books or movies. For example, if you plan to have a Twilight Party, you can ask everybody to dress up like vampires.
You can have games that carry the vampire theme and even have a quiz on the book or the movie. You can rent the DVD and watch the actual movie. The party decoration can also be based on the same theme. SO can the party music!