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Unique Theme Ideas for Adult Parties

Girija Shinde Feb 29, 2020
A themed party is definitely better than the one without any theme. Here are some really unique ideas for the same for adults, which are sure to be enjoyed by one and all.
None of us needs any reason to party. Any trivial excuse is enough to make us organize one. Such parties do not need any special preparations. Music and food are more than enough to make one a hit. But, when it's for some special reason - for example, a birthday or bachelorette party - it needs to be unique.
One way to make any such occasion unique is to plan it around a theme. It is not only fun but also easy to organize, as its main features - music, food and decorations - do not need to be thought of separately. There are loads of party themes for adults, and some of the most popular ones are mentioned here.

Unique Ideas

Arabian Nights Party

It is inspired by the 1001 Arabian Nights stories. Organizing such a party is easy, so let's start with the invitations. Use your creativity to make them look typical Arabian. One unique idea for invitations is to send them as flying carpets.
As we know, Arabian nights are full of magic, and flying carpets are one of the main features of this magical world. You can make these carpets at home itself with cotton or nylon. Tiny carpets are also available in the market.
Decorate them with tassels on both ends, stick your invitation on them, and then roll them up. Send these rolled invitations and see the excitement on your guests' faces when they unroll one.
For decorations, have fake treasure trunks, placed all over the party hall. Keep some of them open, overflowing with trinkets; also, have one or two trunks hidden. You can organize a treasure hunt game for finding those trunks.
Burn incenses for a little mystic smoke and fragrance. Have lamps hung at the entrance and at the stairs.Place fake genie lamps all over the hall. Spread Persian rugs on the tables for perfect Arabian look. Spreading a little sand, with small palm trees around them, will complete the desert look.
Food also needs to be in accordance with the theme. You can have fresh seasonal fruits (especially grapes) served throughout the party. Have meat platters, Turkish bread, different types of dips, nuts, fig cookies, humus, etc.
Entertainment has to include belly dancing, so make sure that you have the right music for it.

Anything But Clothes

As the name suggests, the guests are expected to dress up in anything except clothes. Do mention that guests have to be dressed sufficiently. The stress of this party is on clothing, so you do not need to pay much attention to other factors, namely invitations, decorations, and food.
You can send small dolls dressed in grass or paper, and stick your invitation on the doll's hand. If you wish to keep your dress unique, mention what you will be wearing so that the guests do not wear the same thing.
Keep the decorations simple; balloons, confetti, balloon filled with confetti, fresh flowers, etc., will do. Have chip dips, pizza, party mix, tortilla, and liqueur served.
Now, about the clothes; you can dress in anything like duct tape, shopping bag, crepe paper, bubble wrap, loads of saran wraps, etc. Have a couples fashion show, wherein the guests decide who are the best dressed pair.

Survivor Theme

As the name suggests, this has been inspired by the various reality TV shows. Send formal invitations to your guests, asking them to participate in your survival party.
Decorate the hall with palm trees, palm fronds, grass huts (if possible), umbrellas, etc. You can even lay fishnets and seashells to give a tropical look to your party. Decorate the tables with tiki torches and pinata centerpieces.
The food can consist of steamed veggies, spicy pork rice, barbecued chicken, crab salad, cheesecakes, red lobsters, etc. Also, serve drinks like Pina Coladas, Margaritas, and Mai Tai.
The main feature of this party is the difficult activities or tasks. If you are a regular viewer of these TV shows, you must have observed that worm eating is a common task in every show. So, a worm eating competition is a must, but instead of the real worms, have a gummy worm eating competition.
Other tasks can include the obstacle course, treasure hunt, tug of war, etc. The guests will surely enjoy them.
Apart from these themes, luau, Hollywood, retro, and mystery are also popular themes for adults' parties.