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Party Table Decoration Ideas

Neha Joshi Feb 28, 2020
If you're throwing a party, you need to pay a great deal of attention to the way you decorate your table. Those who make sure their preparations are perfect, know that this isn't an easy task.
It's almost every month that we have a party and the one thing that almost kills me is decorating the table differently every single time. But over time, I have learned that as long as you keep certain decoration ideas in mind, it's all okay.
These basic ideas are mandatory and the rest you can experiment with. If you like decorating your table a lot, remember that sometimes keeping it simple also has its advantages. These decorating ideas mostly depend on the theme of the party or the reason why you are throwing a party.
So here are some basic party table decoration ideas that you can use while decorating your party table. Have a look!

Amazing Ideas for Decorating Your Party Table

The Theme

When you throw a party, a lot of your decoration depends on the occasion.
If it's a particular festival you're celebrating, such as Christmas or Easter, then the table and accessories on it, should be associated with the theme. A randomly-set table never looks good.
If the party is for children, then the table should be decorated accordingly with cartoons, candies and similar items. If you are celebrating a promotion or appreciation, the table should be kept as sophisticated as possible.

The Centerpieces

These are the most important part of all the decoration ideas. However small, a centerpiece has to be there on your table.
This centerpiece should obviously go along with the theme. Apart from that, the size of that centerpiece is also important. If you don't have a centerpiece, you can place a small vase with just one flower in it or a small candle stand with just one candle. On a bigger table, you could use more flowers and candles.

The Practicality

Practicality of the decorations also has to be something you should think about. For example, a party for children cannot have candles placed on the table as they are harmful. Similarly, just because you need a centerpiece, does not mean you place anything on the table that has hardly anything to do with the theme. Never keep glasses filled on the table if people aren't sitting around it.

The Type

The type of table you are dealing with is also very important. When you are decorating a small table, you can use minimum decorations and keep it simple. On the other hand, when you are decorating a big table, you can use as many decorations as you want and experiment with the centerpieces as well. A small table can't have many plates and the dishes placed on it, so you can opt for a small side table to place them. Also, don't use bold decorations when you're decorating a small-sized table.
Now that you know these basic party table decoration ideas, you can experiment as much as you want with other table decorations you might have in mind. If you have invited too many children, don't keep any expensive decorative artifacts on the table. Also, essentials such as tissues, napkins, water glasses and basic cutlery should always be handy. Don't just decorate because you have to. Try to make it look complete and sensible as well.