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Party Games for Tweens

Mukta Gaikwad Feb 26, 2020
Looking for party games for tweens that will create ripples of laughter? Read on for some fun games that are sure to make a few fond memories.
They are a little young for adult games and they old enough to dislike the kiddy ones. Stuck between the two worlds, tweens need some mind blogging games that can keep them entertained at parties. Whether it is a slumber party or a birthday party, the games have to make them think and challenge their imagination.
Party games for tweens are not just fun, but also lessons of social conduct and interaction. These parties are the times when you make memories and forge friendships that last a lifetime. So if you've been looking for games, look no more.

Dumb Charades

Dumb charade is a game most of us are familiar with. It requires no materials and not much of space. Divide your guests in two groups, which will be competing against each other. Pick a person from one of the teams and tell him a movie name, which he will have to tell his team members by acting it out.
Each team member will take turns to act out a movie name given by the opposing team member. No sounds can be made and one cannot point towards objects to indicate words. The games gets fun with foreign movie names! It is definitely a game that tests your acting skills.

Truth and Dare

Make all your friends sit in a circle and place a bottle in the center. Keep spinning the bottle till it stops, till it points its cap to a person (person asking the question) and its bottom (person answering it) to another.
Make this a little fun by including a few naughty truth and dare questions that will give you answers to your friend's secrets. The answers that this game will reveal will definitely keep you entertained for a long time to come.

Treasure Hunt

A game is fun to play, when there is a reward at the end of it. And the game that fits this bill is, treasure hunt. With teams, clues and rewards at every find, this game keeps the children glued and gripped by drama till the very end.
Plan a treasure hunt all around the party area, both indoors and outdoors, so that your guests can have hours of fun hunting for the hidden treasure! Plan a clever route that makes your guests think for a while and not one that gives away the treasure easily.

Fish Pond

So you think your friend has a crush on a guy in your class? What better way to find out than a fish pond. As your classmates and friends walk in through the door, hand out a piece of paper to them and a pen. Ask them to write a thought pertaining to another guest on the paper.
It could be a love confession, an apology, an honest criticism or a sweet appreciation. Collect all of these in a bowl, which will be called the fish pond. Do make sure that they dedicate these to one of the person's present in the room.
Shuffle these, and in the middle of party read out them out, one by one. This game will leave each guest baffled at the end of the party!

Never Ever

Make all your friends sit in a circle and hand out equal number of pennies to all. Let one person begin with tell the rest what he/she hasn't ever done. For instance, 'I have never copied in an exam', if someone else has done this, then hand out a penny to the speaker. As the game picks up, watch out for some of the hideous confessions your friends have to make!
These games build a sense of humor and help children in a vulnerable age to take fun at the face value. This lesson in disguise will go a long way shaping their adult lives.