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Party Games for Teenagers

Girija Shinde
While planning a party for teenagers, it is essential to organize fun and entertaining games that keeps them busy for hours. In this story, we will solve your queries on what these games can be.
So, you are having a party at your place and all your friends have been invited? A party is fun when everyone you know, which also includes the guy/girl you have a crush on, are present. It might happen that not all of your friends know each other, and such situations can become a bit awkward. Party games work as icebreakers in such situations. As people have to communicate and mingle with each other during the games, it helps remove the initial awkwardness, and everyone can go back to having fun.

Outdoor and Indoor Party Games

Depending on how old everyone is, you can include or take out elements to the following games to make them more interesting.

Cut the Bag

All you need for this game is a pair of scissors and a big grocery paper bags each contestant. Ask the participants to sit in a circle and start the game by picking a random person. Ask that person to come in the center of the circle, place the bag down and cut it. Sounds simple, right? Well, there is a twist.
The contestant has to stand on one foot, bend over, pick the bag with his/her mouth, and then cut it while maintaining balance! The game is not yet over. After all the participants have had their chance, start the second round with the first contestant again.
The host should now cut 2-3 inches off the top of the bag, place it again in the center of the circle, and ask the contestant to do the same thing he/she did in the earlier round.
As you must have guessed, the length of the bag will go on reducing in each level. The participants will get eliminated if they lose their balance, and the last person remaining will be the winner.

Hide and Seek, with a Twist

You can organize this game outdoors or indoors; the only thing is that this game has to be organized at night or should be played without any lights. Hand one person a cellphone―only that person should have a phone. The person with the phone will now hide.
He/she can give hints about the location by calling on the house phone to those searching for him/her. However, the hints should not be longer than a sentence. You can have harmless obstacles set all over the house to make the game more interesting.

The Forbidden Alphabet

Everyone can participate in this game. Divide everyone into two groups, one person will ask questions and the other answers them. The participant answering the questions will have to choose any random alphabet of his/her choice―this will be the forbidden alphabet for him/her.
Now, the participant asking the question has to ask questions whose answers are one word. The answer the other contestant gives should not contain that forbidden alphabet.
You can have a time limit for each answer. Each group should get a chance to question and answer, and the one who successfully answers all the questions will be declared the king/queen of alphabets!

Tag a Person

Divide the participants into two groups―guys and girls. Now, blindfold one member of each group, spin them, and leave them near the other group. They are supposed to tag any person from the opposite group.
Once every guy and girl has been tagged, they will have to spend the next half hour impressing their partner. You can have two or three such rounds. At the end of the game, each girl and guy has to tag their partner(s) again as perfect or good. You are sure to hear ripples of laughter throughout the party.
Try to add your own creativity into these games so that everyone can have a great time.